Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Ultimate Vitamin Beauty Guide for Your Health & Body

Ever wonder how to get healthy hair from vitamins? Are you confused as to what vitamins will help skin glow again? Look no further, as I have put together the ultimate guide for vitamins and the information that you have been looking for! This is a post I have been wanting to do for a while, as I always get questions on how to improve your health and body without all the hassle of products, operations & gimmicks. I will say now, that the number one way to improve any part of your body is to give it the correct vitamins it needs to be healthy and vibrant.

A lot of women face basic problems everyday. Their skin isn't glowing anymore, their hair is dull and lifeless, fingernails don't hold up as much anymore. Now you may think this only holds true for older women, but that isn't always so. If you are putting bad things into your body or not giving your body what it needs to prosper, you will start to notice a lag in your appearance. Just like eating the right foods, your body needs certain vitamins, so below I will list all the essentials as well as their benefits!!

1. Vitamin A (Retinol)

Vitamin A is like natures version of an antioxidant and is very helpful in the production and renewal of skin cells. As an antioxidant, its very useful in detoxing bad things out of your body. If you are about to go on a diet, make a health change, or start a work out, vitamin A is a great way to purify your body and get rid of harmful toxins in the skin. Like I mentioned before, vitamin A is GREAT for skin problems like lack of luster, winkles and discoloration.

I would say the biggest benefit though, is to your eyes. Vitamin A plays a big part is helping your eyes adjust to light, keeping your eyes moist & helping poor eye sight; my recommendation is to try it out if you are experiencing any of these problems. Vitamin A usage has also been linked to helping reduce the onset of Alzheimer's Disease. Vitamin A can be found in abundance in the following foods: spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes & melons. 

2. Vitamin B Complex

So like, with all the vitamin ''B''s out these, I'm grouping this little family together. That being said, vitamin B is a great, wonderful tool to use to help keep your mind and memory sharp, as well as many other uses. I couldn't possibly name them all, but this is a great ''in general'' vitamin to use for countless reasons. It's rumored that this miracle vitamin not only helps brain development, but can also boost your mood and help with a number a heart problems as well as heart disease prevention. 

As a health and beauty aspect, vitamin B complex is the stuff to use if your skin is saggy or unshapely. Vitamin B adds firmness to your skin, giving that youthful look many women spend thousands on. I'm being serious, a lot of people will go out and spend thousands on these insane creams and wacky procedures, when in all reality, the proper intake of vitamins in all the need (in most cases). Yeast, eggs & veggies are chalked full of Vitamin B.

3. Vitamin B6 (Folic Acid)

I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this one, but I bet you don't know what Folic Acid is? If you have ever been pregnant, that I can assure you have plenty of the stuff laying around. Yes, I am talking about prenatal vitamins! I just wanted to throw this one in their, because I personally swear by this stuff. If you want to increase hair and nail growth, strength and sheen, than this is the stuff!!

4. Vitamin D

Also known as the ''sunshine vitamin'' because it is produced when you skin absorbs good old sunny rays! Vitamin D is huge in relevance to the maintenance of your bones. As we age our bones grow weaker and this is a big problem for women later on in life. With the risk of osteoporosis, its a good idea to take a proactive step now. Adding extra vitamin D will ensure your bones stay strong for years to come! 

Another benefit, which your probably guessed, is the lovely things than will happen with your skin! Like the radiance of the sun, your skin will simply glow with youthfulness and rich color. You will also notice your skin will be more supple and soft! You can find an abundance of vitamin D in the following foods: egg yolk, salmon, shrimp & fortified yogurt. 

5. Vitamin E

Though useful to have, you can find the same benefits as the vitamin B complex without having to add the extra dose to your system. Vitamin E is great for those who are looking for just a little bit of a added boost for your skin, as it to is an antioxidant and will help with healthy skin production. You can vitamin E in leafy, green veggies.

6. Vitamin H

More commonly known as biotin, vitamin H helps your body quickly break down fats and proteins and turn them into energy! You heard me, vitamin H is nature's version of Red Bull, but I doubt it will give your wings. On a more serious note, this is a great supplement to take in conjunction with a diet as it will help your body work harder at producing energy as well as keeping it all healthy. Of course this is amazing for your hair and nails, as are most other vitamins, but this one is a little different. Vitamin H is a great way to combat hair loss, and even dermatitis! 

I always try to look for healthier ways to get the benefits my body needs to function properly and this one is great for overall health and well being, it will keep you looking and feeling great. You can find tons of Vitamin H in the following foods: peanut butter, whole grains, eggs and liver (yucky for most, but just adding it to the list)

7. Vitamin K

Finally, we get to the most magical vitamin on the list. Simply but, vitamin K works wonders for the skin. When applied topically, you can use it to treat spider veins, bruises, burns & even stretch marks. Yea, you heard that right, 'gets rid of stretch marks'. It also does all that amazing stuff like keep your skin firm and glowing. You can find vitamin K in the following foods: herbs, leafy greens and scallions.

Don't be fulled by those creams that ask $50.00 retail for stretch marks or those ''pills'' that will get your body back in order. They are all a clever marketing scheme companies will use to sell your the same product you can find at your local Pharmacy or grocery store. Don't let the celebrity endorsements or fancy wording fool you, because you are wasting money! 

I hope this guide helps sort some of the differences in the vitamin family and give you a better understanding on what you can use for your problems.


Ultimate Guide to Vitamins