Tuesday, May 26, 2015

En Chic: Fitness

En Chic: Fitness

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Detox with Urban Remedy Herbal Slimming Tea

"This is a review program with Mums the Word Network and Urban Remedy. All opinions are my own."

Summer will be here before you know it! So you know what that means ladies, time to get our bodies ready for those swim suits, beach trips & overall health. When you think health, you think gym, nasty diets and stress. Well leave all of that at the door when you try Urban Remedy Herbal Slimming Tea, a special weight loss tea that is here to help you drop those pounds! This amazing diet tea is a green tea meant to help your body detox and drop some of that unwanted winter weight. 

Urban Remedy is a health a wellness brand that offers several health lines such as juices, organic food kits, ready to eat meals & a line of tea. Based out of San Francisco, Urban Remedy was founded by a certified Chinese herbalist and nutritionist. You can find more info by clicking HERE, and you will be directed to their 'About Me' section!  

Now, back to the point. Ladies and Gents, you are going to love the effects of this amazing product! I used it for a week, seven days, and was able to drop 3 lbs. Not much, but based on my body size, its a great step! Anyone of any shape of size could benefit from the relaxing properties of this product. 

- stimulant free, safe & natural
- great flavors including mint and ginger
- will not make your nauseous 
- plenty of servings (3 bags a day)
- no loose tea

Cindy Crawford is even a brand ambassador and user of this amazing product! What this tea does is help your body get rid of bad toxins and parasites that get stuck in our bodies from stress and bad eating habits.  

Click HERE to be directed to their tea page which will give you more in depth information! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

3 At Home Workouts for a Summer Booty

April showers will soon lead to May flowers and than before you know it, it will be time to pull the bikini's out of the closet! I am sure you are like most woman and always want to look your best, well looking your best has never been as easy as it is now.

First, off, let's get all the excuses out of the way. There is only ONE way to get your body healthy, and that is through exercise. Don't follow into the hype of those expensive gimmicks out there, as none of that leads to lasting results. Exercise followed by a healthy food intake (not a diet, eating healthy doesn't mean you are on a diet), is the SOLID method to results that will stay!

That being said, I want to introduce 3 workouts that target your booty. 

1. Glute Kickbacks

This simple workout is very low impact and easy for woman of any shape and size and this is a great workout to through into your existing workout if you are already on the road to fitness.

2. Squat Jumps

Squats are probably the single best way to a better booty, as it does not isolate your muscles to move one way. Squats target the booty, hamstrings, and the quads and allows you to work and focus multiple muscle areas at the same time.

3. Single Leg Hip Lifts

Again, another great low impact workout that is great for women of any shape or size. This is a wonderful exercise that targets the back of your legs as well as your booty, this workout is great for beginners!

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Remember, to have fun and try your hardest! 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Revamp Your Spring Beauty Routine with Nexxus New York Salon Care Available at CVS! #NewNexxusCaviar

 Hello! How are you? So glad you decided to find my little corner of the internet. Grab a cup of hot tea and snuggle close, you are going to want to hear what this blog post is all about. Let me first start off by saying I am so glad to see spring in full swing. The mountains are turning back to their glorious green color, the rivers are settling from all the rain and the flowers are peaking from every corner of the yard. The feeling of freshness fills us as we clean our homes, decorate the house and celebrate a new year of good weather, but do you ever think of other ways to follow the transition into a new season?

If you are like me, you love to take care of your body and look/feel the best you can possibly feel. With spring bringing in the new and the fresh, this is a perfect chance to step up your hair routine and bring those dry and flat locks back to life with an amazing new hair care line from Nexxus New York Salon care. Teaming up with CVS, Nexxus wants you to treat your to Caviar, with Nexxus Therappe Shampoo & Humectress Conditioner. Here are some fun facts about this newly reformulated hair line!

- each Nexxus system includes a regimen to meet a specific hair need
- this regimen is enriched with 100% Elastic protein & Caviar complex
- use the Encapsulate serem for even better results
- hair will be left healthy, luscious & full of life!!

Growing up, Nexxus was always a trusted salon brand. Now, they are bringing that same salon quality to you, no salon needed. Simply find your nearest CVS, and you are half way to amazing hair! Use this handy link (below) to find a CVS near you!

Click HERE to be directed.

If that wasn't enough good news for you, CVS is also offering a $1 off coupon (excludes trial/travel sizes), so you can save cash while saving you hair. It's never to late to wash out that winter grim and start spring off with a head full of bouncy, healthy hair.


Monday, February 23, 2015

3D Lashes by Lashem: Extensions in a Bottle Mascara Review

Hey readers! Glad to be back, and with an amazing review of a product I was lucky enough to try recently. If you are like me, you probably suffer from a, ''OMG why are my eyelashes so flat and dull'' moment. You go out and spend hundreds on different types of mascara, extensions, fake lashes, and nothing just gives you that long lasting result you want. Lucky for us, there is a breakthrough, all natural company out there, Lashem, that has come up with a great solution to our frumpy eyelashes.


''The LASHEM brand was developed to help the everyday woman keep her youthful glow. It is a reflection of a healthy and natural lifestyle to accommodate women everywhere - whether they choose to as a city girl in an office or from home as a mother. We are dedicated to promoting natural beauty in a world full of unrealistic beauty expectations. The LASHEM Natural Beauty Products line consists of mascara, anti-aging creams, and eyelash booster. A brand which combines natural ingredients for the highest quality possible. We offer anti-aging products that are natural and made in the United States.''


I was lucky enough to be able to test a bottle of their ''Double Trouble'' Mascara! This mascara is a 2 pair routine. The first step is to dab the eyelashes with a white extension cream that will instantly lengthen your lashes, while at the same time nourishing them with natural growth ingredients that will help you naturally grow you lashes. Step two, the actual mascara, will then go over the extended lashes and coat them with a think, creamy coat of mascara. The mascara brush evenly coats each lash with the perfect amount! You lashes will look full and voluptuous!

After trying the product, I was totally blown away with how long and full my lashes look, friends even thought I had got extensions put in! It's great to say that no, these lovelies are ALL NATURAL & ALL MINE! You heard that, have the lashes of your dreams the natural way! Some women will spending hundreds to have lashes like yours with the help of Lashem!

Product Facts:

-Paraben free
-Prostagladin free
-cruelty free
-made in the USA

Click HERE to be directed to Lashem.com

50 Shades of Spring

50 Shades of Spring

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Friday, February 6, 2015

New Dry Sprays Available at Walmart!

So, going along with the New Year, I made a resolution to spend less time online, and to spend more time getting healthy. I've made such progress in the last 5 weeks as far as going 5 times a week. On top of that, I have also switched to a high protein diet that really helps to keep me in shape. With that in mind, I noticed after a few trips to the gym, the deodorant I was using would leave a yucky residue on my clothes. This really irritated me, as gym clothes are a little more expensive that normal clothing, so I really wanted to find a way to get great under arm protection as well as save my clothes. 

Recently, I was lucky enough to be asked to try out a new dry spray (Dove), and the experience was fantastic. The product itself is super cool, I love how we live in such an age you can get deodorant in an spray can, its makes application so simple. Lift arm, spray. It's totally that simple, there is no giant mess, and the smell is fantastic. Don't think a simple spray will do you? This stuff is antipersonnel, so you can go to the gym like me, sweat, and still be adequately protected.

Image 1 

These dry sprays come in 5 choices, for both men and woman, you have a Dove for women, Dove for men, Degree for women, Degree for men, as well as Axe. I was asked to test the Dove spray, and I can tell you its well worth every penny (which isn't much, it's a very cheap product). On top of being protected, my underarms became alot softer and the skin itself looks great! As a model and bikini competitor, it's always a place to have nice under arms, especially at the gym! I was super impressed with the product and it's something I will recommend in the future to friends, family and readers!

So head on our to your local Wal-Mart, and see what the hype is about. Save you garments from unsightly white marks!

You can learn more about these products by clicking HERE.