Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Hello! I am very excited that you have made it here to my little corner of the internet. My name is Krysti and I am the writer behind this blog, Beauty By Krysti. I have been avidly posting on this blog for over 3 years about my interests, life and tips & tricks. I just finished my 4 year degree in PR/Marketing and am now focusing on taking my blog to the next level. Blog topics are, but not limited to the following:

Hair Care
Tips & Tricks
Nerd Life (toys, stationary, gaming, technology, etc)

I love to expose my readers to a balanced dose of fashion, health and fun new products. I try not to limit myself to these things, as it is always fun to bring exposure to something unexpected, it keeps my readers on their toes. I believe in every product/company/brand I feature on my website, the integrity of my readers means everything to me. I also follow strictly with the FTC guidelines.

My full media kit can be found below:

Basic Stats: 

Daily Page Views- 900+
Monthly Page views- 37,850+
Followers on all Platforms- 10,962+ 

Followers As of January 25, 2014: 

GFC- 498 
Networked Blogs: 1581
Twitter- 3600
Pinterest- 278
Facebook- 548
Facebook (personnal)- 1952 
Instagram- 152
Email: 1632 

Page Rank: 2
Klout: 60
Alexa Ranking: 165,381

As a PR graduate, I completely and fully understand the 'brand side' of blogging, the deadlines, the budgets and so forth. Understand that when you come to me, I have YOU in mind! My goal is the provide SEO rich content that is easily shared on social media via buttons places on each post that allows readers to easily share content all across the web. Here are a few services I offer on my blog. Examples of previous work can be sent.

1. Product Reviews:

Product reviews are the easiest and cheapest way to expand your PR budget to its full potential. With many bloggers these days requiring payment with a product review, rest assured that money is not my primary goal, alas I will do product reviews in exchange for full sizes products with at least $25 dollar value. I never would want to pass up a great chance to show my readers grew products and brands. I am very easy to work with, so just drop me an email if this option interests you and we can discuss the matter in further detail.

2. Sponsored Posts: 

Sponsored Posts are great for quick turn around times, which in most cases I can get these posted same day to ensure deadlines are met. I have a list of set rates that I can send you upon request. Again, I am not out to get alot of money, but sponsored posts to help with my webhosting and other blog costs and is one of the main reasons I accept sponsored content. If you are interested in having your brand featured on my blog and blasted over my social media channels, please send me an email and we will get to talking. I also love to take part in large projects that involve other bloggers!

3. Brand Ambassador

This is the largest of the PR options I have available. In return for products or compensation, I will feature a set number of posts over a discussed amount of time (to keep readers engaged and refreshed) about your product or brand. This is a great way to get all the options wrapped into one great package and I offer discounts to brands that return the favor of sharing my posts on their social media channels.

These are the current options I offer, but are not limited to working with other types of ideas. I DO NOT accept advertisement on my website unless from a sponsor, so I currently do no have rates or options in that regard. Like I mentioned, I love to work on fun and creative projects but am not limited to the above options, if you have a fun idea in mind drop me a line!



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