Sunday, November 16, 2014

Favorite Shop of the Week: Old Factory Candles

So, pinch me if I am dreaming, but let's take a moment to celebrate! 6 weeks til Christmas, a holiday filled with family, food & celebration. This year is my year to host the family gathering and I want everything to be perfect. My mind was already there in the kitchen, soft Christmas music playing in the background, the laughter of loved ones filling my ears, an amazing dinner laid out before me. It sounded perfect, well almost. After a little brain storming, I realized no holiday is perfect without the soft, flickering glow of candles. 

Luckily for me, I was reached out to by an amazing brand to try out their line of candles. Now, I am not usually impressed, but after reading up about them, I was really excited to receive my set of Fall Harvest candles! Old Factory Candles is a company based out of the United States that pride themselves on making high quality candles to meet your personal and gift giving needs. When you purchase these candles, know that they are made with old time factory techniques that involve hand pouring each and every candle. Products are made from soy wax and natural cotton wicks, so those with asthma and allergies can enjoy them too! 

I love to support and purchase products that come from the heart and are made with love, and this product definitely hits my DIY heart. I love to craft and its naturally easy to enjoy a product you know has thought in every drop. Now that the holidays are approaching, consider the gift of an amazing candle set that loved ones can really enjoy. Each candle burns for over 20 hours, that's 60 hours of amazing scents everyone can enjoy. 

Old Factory Candles are sold exclusively on Amazon, to your purchases are guaranteed. The company itself also offers a 100% money back guarantee as well. If things couldn't get any better for your though, OFC also offers an option to have your candles gift wrapped, so they arrive ready to put under the tree. Also, you can always buy a set for yourself to enjoy during your holidays. They are the perfect center piece to an gathering, decoration or place settings, you really can't go wrong with this purchase. 

I loved my experience with Old Factory Candles and their amazing products. They offer 12 sets of scents ranging from feminine, soft scents, to even feature a line called 'the Man Cave', because we know even guys love nice smells too. I continue to enjoy my candles and definitely plan to use them in my upcoming holiday gathering. 

I hope you take the chance to enjoy these amazing products as much as I and many others have. 

*Disclosure: I was provided with a set of candles from Old Factory Candles for the sole purpose of review. All opinions stated are my own. I was not compensated to provide a positive review. For more details, please refer to my disclosure policy located at the top of the page.