Friday, November 21, 2014

How To Get Plump Lips Using Only Makeup

Ok so we have all been there. How to get plump lips? What are Kylie Jenner's lip tricks? How can I get my lips to look fuller? Have you been looking for tricks to make your lips look fuller? Well you are not alone. Get those pouty looking lips now with this amazing pouty lip tutorial.

Now I know alot of people do not believe that you can get fuller looking lips, but you really can and all you have to use are a few simple make up techniques to get that look you are craving! Blast your friends away when they see how great you look. Make men weak in the knee's with your new, fierce pout.

Step One:

Prep, start with a fresh slate by using a concealer to blend your lips with the rest of your skin. This allows you to really be able to work with a blank canvas and apply as much make up that makes you happy.

Step Two:

Line, now do not get really carried away, but take a lip liner that is super close to the color of your natural lip and apply it just outside the perimeter of your lips. This will make your lips look larger than they really are, and is the start to your plump lips!

Step Three:

Apply color, using a nude lip stick & preferably a lip brush, color in your lips inside the lip liner you just applied. 

Step Four

Finishing touches, apply a clear gloss to add moisture and give your lips that sheen, because shiny always looks bigger and this will also seal your lips and keep the make up from wearing off as fast.

Plump lips are seriously that simple!