Thursday, November 13, 2014

7 Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Hair

Hey guys! Welcome back for my latest dose of 'need to know' tips! Ok, well, if you are anything like me, you love to keep your look fresh and that usually involves coloring and processing your hair. You listen to your hair dresser, you fish tips of Pinterest; this product that product, but do you really know what you are doing to your hair? It's easy to get lose in the world of chemicals and curling irons. Brands market their products and services without telling what these things do to your hair in the aftermath. With all the information out there, it may be hard to know what is right and wrong, so that's why I decided to create the list of common mistakes alot of women make, as well as tips on how to change your bad habits!

1. Healthy hair starts with a healthy body. Like other parts of your body, you have to be careful of what you intake, as bad foods will leave your hair lacking that luster. Greasy, junky food with no health benefits will, let's face it, make your hair look like trash. A healthy diet should be on everyone's list, because your whole body benefits from the right foods. Carrots and leafy veggies are great ways to pump volume and shine back into your lousy locks. 

Another problem can be your mood. If you are constantly stressed out, it reflects back onto your appearance. You have to make sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night, or your body can't function properly and efficiently. Your health suffers, your body suffers, and you will probably turn into a grouch no one wants to be around anyways. Make it a point to relieve stress, I prefer exercise and writing in a journal.

The last thing I want to address, is that your overall outlook on your image must be positive, or it will reflect back onto your appearance. Getting healthy and looking great first starts off with accepting yourself and becoming body positive. Alot of people find that simply being happy will do wonder for the way you look on the outside, and that is truly a great foundation on becoming the person you ultimately want to be.

2. Do you make the mistake of to much blow dryer use? If you answer yes to this question, than you probably need smacked. I don't care what excuse, how much time it saves, or how big of a rush you were in, frequent blow dryer use will always do horrible things to your hair. First off, using a dryer ultimately fries your hair, especially if you plan on using a curling iron or flat iron afterwards. Always, always, always take the time to either towel dry or air dry your hair. There is nothing wrong with blow drying your hair for a minute to get the wetness out, but over use will lead to damage and hair loss. 

The damage done to your hair will cause you to loss it. Your hair splits, frizzes and breaks when you dry out essential oils your hair needs to stay flexible and vibrant. Honestly, if you are in a rush, there is nothing wrong with a pleat. Bring along the brush and some hair stray and you can actually turn out great, which I promise to follow up with another post about on the go hair styling.

3. Vigorously towel drying will dry your hair but probably make it fall out too. Cold, hard fact; I mean if you are trying to start a fire than by all means, but that probably isn't the goal. Seriously though, I am sure we all learned the trick early on about towel drying, but you probably never learned the facts about what you are really doing to your hair. On top of making you look wacky, the rough friction on your wet scalp will cause abrasions to appear that not cause your hair fibers to come loose from the follicle, it damages your skin. Image though, when your hair is no longer connected to the follicle, the damage cannot be undone, and your hair will fall the heck out.  

Rough drying will cause the hair fibers to stick up instead of lay flat. Think of your hair fibers like being the shingles on a roof, then whey lay flat you can see the sheen from the sunlight, they look great. When you raise them up, it looks like crap, and the same goes for your hair. Patches of your hair may become weak, which leads to bald spots. I'm pretty sure that's enough info to convince anyone to give up being so rough.

4. Simply brushing your hair is like running a tornado through your scalp. I know that sounds crazy right? I know we all get in a rush and just brush your hair on the go. If you pay attention, all those tats and knots are literally pulling your hair from the follicle and breaking it to pieces. The damage done is worse when wet. Wet hair fills with moisture which makes it more flexible, image how tangled your hair is after a nice wash? Well if you have a habit of brushing your hair wet, when your hair is more at risk to breaking, you are asking for bald spots and a nasty, hairy brush. Ew.

Now, don't skip to our last mistake and try to blow dry that mess. I highly recommend taking the time to gently towel dry your hair, enough to get the dripping out. A wide tooth comb and about 5 minutes of your time will easily pull out the knots in your hair without the damaging effects. It also saves you alot of pain you'd otherwise be in from your brush. Taking the time to care for your hair properly will ensure it looks its best!

5. If your hair is wet, let it alone. By that I mean no accessories like elastic headbands and bobby pins. Like I mentioned above, your hair is a weak when it is wet, therefore pulling and squeezing the hair strains with bows only harms it. The tightness of being pulled in a pony tail will not only stretch your hair (making it very weak), it pulls it from the follicle & the hair will die and fall out. Not much more needs to be said, so stop slicing your hair to pieces. Stop now.

Instead of elastic hair bands, try a terry cloth head band that will allow your hair the room it needs and  greatly reduces the chance of broken hair. The next time you go to your stylist (if you are a wet hair/elastic user), have them check to see if your hair is damaged around the area you would use the elastic. You will probably be surprised to learn about breakage and hair loss. 

6. Just like you, your hair needs a break too. I know we all love to sit back some days and watch a Breaking Bad marathon while stuffing the face full of snacks. Well, like us, our hair often needs to break itself. Constant heat treatments and chemicals will cause your hair to become weak and lose its shine and volume. Play a day or 2 out of the week, at least, to not use any harmful techniques on your hair. No excuses ladies, this is your hair. 

A secret tip, try using Biotin and Folic Acid, a few weeks later you will notice your hair growing and you can actually see it coming to life. Your hair is an extension of you, so do your best to care for it like you would any other part of your body. I recommend coming up with a schedule or routine you do daily in which you take the time to care for not only your hair, but your entire body. You will be adding youthfulness to your appearance and years to your life. You can't beat that ladies.

7. Wash your hair EVERY single day. I don't care what bogus stories you have heard about ''oils'' needed on the scalp, not washing your hair is nasty. Do you realize there is bacteria on your scalp, kind of like how it works with your mouth. You have good bacteria, than you have the bad.. This bad bacteria, if left to fester, will cause horrible smell and a terrible environment for your hair. Image how your teeth feel if you don't brush them everyday? Well yeah, your hair is probably feeling the same if you don't wash it. Not washing your hair will also lead to acne from all the oils leaking onto your forehead, it reduces the chance for your hair to grow and it simply will weigh your hair down and look downright gross.

This is probably the easiest fix, shampoo. You would not believe the amount of people that really don't or even worse, won't waste their hair. The damage your are doing to your hair and scalp could cause irreversible harm and cause the hair you do manage to grow, to be dull and lifeless. Again, simple fix. Water + hair + shampoo = health, luster and plus it smells good and feels nice to have clean hair.

I really do hope you ladies, and gents, take the time to carefully read through this guide and make plans on stopping bad habits and maybe starting a few good habits. Your hair is one of the first things people notice, so give them something to look at; everyone loves healthy hair!

Have a great day ya'll and don't forget to use the social media buttons and the top and share these tips with your friends and channels!