Monday, October 27, 2014

7 Useful Blog Topics for Fashion Bloggers

If you have been blogging as long as I have, quality content is something that is always on the top of the list. With a whole world of great topics out there, you would think there are endless things to write about. In reality, brainstormed unique ideas that haven't been passed around the mill can become hard,if not impossible. With the number of fashion and beauty blogs growing daily, the fight to keep readers loyal becomes a knock down, drag out race. Like the fashion world, blogging is cut throat, so you always have to keep fresh, interesting content luring readers to your blog. Having been in the same spot myself, I have decided to make a great and easy to refer to list that will keep your brain full of great ideas.

1. Write about the brands you fan girl over.

Writing about designers is always a great outlet for an informed writer to pour out their knowledge. Readers flock to information about the ''it'' designers as well as current trends. Pick a few of your favorites and you can even create a fun series of posts that will keep readers coming back for me. A great place to polish your knowledge is

2. Blog about less know fashion companies and designers.

Everyone likes to be in the know about up and coming designers, as a fashion blogger, readers look to us as an outlet for tagging new and interesting clothing lines that they can be the first the get dibs on. Blogging about a few new designers or unique new trends out by lesser know designers is a great way to put you on the map. Like I mentioned before, people are always on the look out for the ''new''.

3. Blog about other fashion bloggers.

Link up with other bloggers and share the spotlight. A great way to get new readers is to network with like minded fashion bloggers. Post about how much you like their blog, and send an email inviting them to check it out. This usually results in a post back about your blog, or at least a social media mention. It also let's other bloggers and readers know you are genuine and aren't out to steal all the spotlight. No one like an attention hog!

4. Be in the know on upcoming fashion trends.

This is a must! As a fashion blogger, being an aware of upcoming trends is vital to keeping readers aware of your blog. Even better, if you are one of the first fashion blogs to post about the trends. Everyone is using the internet these days! Magazine sales are falling as many readers flock to like minded fashion bloggers for their fashion sense. Pick a few trends you, yourself know you would wear, and rock it!

5. Blog about street fashion.

Forget runways, most people don't care about that overpriced, haute couture stuff anyways. Most readers out there are everyday people and are looking for trends that work with everyday life. Imagine if fashion bloggers only promoted Givenchy or Alexander McQueen, though both wonderful fashion houses, but are unrealistic to most people. People want to see posts about how that can up their everyday wardrobe without looking like a hot mess. Fashion is something alot of people don't understand, so being able to relate to the everyday reader is key!

6. Sales

No faster way to a woman's heart than thru a good sale. Go through your favorite brands, and come up with a list of sales! Everyone loves to save money, so your readers will really love you if you can point them in the direction of some discounts.

7. DIY Projects

Are your crafty? Can you make a designer inspired piece on a budget and rock it? Girl, get those scissors out, and see what you can come up with. Women are always looking for the cheapest ways possible to get up to date on trends. The best DIY's come from those pieces that are timeless! Look around what is currently hot and see if you can make something fierce. Don't forget to take great photos!

Krysti Marie