Sunday, November 24, 2013

Denise Richards Perfume: Giveaway

From Bond girl to author, Denise Richards is an all around superstar whose beauty and talent has captivated us for decades. Through the years, Denise has become a woman we can all relate to, and with that, she set out to make a fragrance women from all walks of life could fall in love with. With the new fragrance, self-titled, Denise pulled it off perfect by mixing lovely woodland scents with hints of musk and vanilla. 

I was lucky enough to receive a bottle for my own use, and let me tell you, I feel in love instantly. The packaging is just fabulous and is really presented as a luxurious and expensive scent. With a price of only $29.95, all woman can afford the luxury of a high, retail fragrance without the high price. The bottle itself exudes  femininity, everything that embodies Denise, she has put into her fragrance. From the beginning, planning stages until the launch of her product, she was there every step of the way to ensure the product was everything she was and more. 

My personal experience with the product is on par with what its advertised to be, along with so much more. I was taken away with the high quality packaging, as well as the bottle. I feel in love with how simple yet stunning the overall product was presented. The smell is just a bonus to the overall product. Upon wearing the fragrance I felt myself transported to the soft sand of the beach on a warm, evening. I imagine my toes sinking into the sand, as the smells wrap themselves around me, soft coconut dances with my nose as hints of flowers entangle themselves to create an overall scent any woman is sure to fall in love with. My friends were instantly drawn to my new scent and were amazing and excited to hear about the new Denise Richards fragrance.

You can purchase this product on her website by clicking *HERE*

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