Sunday, November 24, 2013

Design Your Custom Tee with Whoop Tee

I have got to tell you all about a wonderful website that I recently discovered. So, I have a small side business making gorgeous hair bows and accessories for little girls.I often travel to craft fairs and bazaars to promote and sale my product, to make a more professional appearance, I decided to make a customized t-shirt so customers could easily identify who I was and what my business was about. Upon doing a little research I was really please to find Whoop Tee.

Whoop Tee is a great online business that specializes in bringing their customers really dynamic tools and options in order to make a perfect product. A lot of websites are hard to navigate or are rather bland in their options. I mean you can really make some cute shirts even for everyday use. They offer alot of options as fair as shirt choices as well as shirt colors. You are really free to make anything that comes to your mind so you end up coming out with something you are really going to fall in love with. 

Whoop Tee proudly promotes the use of their innovative design tool that is very easy to use. Just start off by selecting the style of item you want to design. The choices are limitless, even including jogging pants and pet clothes! Next, sit back and browse their very up to date collection of designs, or you can even upload you own custom design to add to your shirt. It's really a simple and fun process and you end up making a product you will really enjoy. 

Like I said, I really like this site and think its a great way to come up with a new tee or make something for promotion. You can also order in large quantities which is great for sports teams or organizations. I really hope you check out the website and enjoy your time like I did. 

Click HERE to be directed to their website.

*Disclaimer: This review was a sponsored post. I am giving my honest opinion and I was not compensated for a positive review.