Friday, November 22, 2013

Project DIY: Monthly Subscription Box

''A new runway and street trends inspired DIY accessories subscription box service for the fashion creative.''

Hello there, thanks for tuning in for another interesting DIY project. My friends at M&J Trimming, the founders of Project DIY, were kind enough to send me a box to try out for myself! Project DIY is a monthly subscription box service that delivers high quality jewelry DIY projects right to you door. Boxes include high quality materials that will allow you to make 2-3 new pieces inspired by the latest fashion trends, step by step instructions, tools, and plenty of inspiration to help you create your own pieces! Follow the instructions to get  a very cute new piece or change it up and make it one of a kind. 

I was lucky enough to receive an October subscription box full of new, fun and cute pieces that I instantly feel in love with. I will be honest, with alot of subscription boxes I have dealt with in the past, I usually find it full of tiny samples or just items I would never use; a waste of money really. Upon opening the Project DIY box I was shocked to see how much they include. Not only was I sent 3 fun products, they also send all the tools I would need to make my pieces. As a side not the tools are very nice jeweler tools that I can use in the future for other projects. I was very happy with the box and instantly excited to dig in and get to making my pieces. 

October's theme was 'Punk Revival' and as anyone that follows fashion can see, punk is making a huge comeback with designers constantly putting out new looks packed full of chains, spikes and dark colors. Pulling inspiration from the exhibit 'Punk:Chaos to Couture, which was featured earlier this year in the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute, Project DIY related to the punk movements attitude of standing out and doing things on your own, to bring us 'Punk Revival'.

After reading over all the included materials, I dug in and started creating my own pieces. My box came with 3 DIY kits, the first a Luxe Punk Collar, an Oversized Chain Pin, and the Spike Tassel Pendant. Each kit comes in a cute little box that includes all the pieces needed to make your piece as well as instructions. Also included in the box were extra jump rings and other hardware just in case you make a little oppsie. Each kit is rated on the difficulty, but no need to fear, the Project DIY website is packed full of great instructions and pictures to help you if you get stumped. Honestly though, the projects were relatively easy to do. I'm just a novice and I found it to be very fun and not stressful at all. 

I started out with the easiest project first, the Oversized Chain Pin. I love the look of being able to use the pin to spoof up a boring bag, dress up your coat collar, or so many more options to give your outfit that extra little statement piece. Mixed pearl, spikes and chains came together to make a fun and cute piece that will get alot of use from me.

The next item I made was the Spike Tassel Pendant, this was the hardest of the projects but after a little messing around I was able to come out and make such a cute necklace. I love the mix of wire work, tassels and the extra length of the chain. It all come together to make a gorgeous necklace that will work great with a dressy look I am putting together for date night!

The last item and my personal favorite was the Luxe Punk Collar. Anyone that came combine chains, pearls, spike and rhinestones and come up with a beautiful piece has to be wonderful, and Project DIY does a great job in designing a perfect statement piece that will bring out any look with a piece that will turn heads. 

I had alot of fun putting together my pieces, all the materials were very high quality and I really do have high hopes that the pieces I made will last for along time. Not only are these pieces I can easily tie into my existing wardrobe, but they are pieces I will actually wear! Perfect for day to day street style that doesn't come off as eccentric or tacky. 

You can find Project DIY by clicking these links:

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