Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sleeping Baby, Happy Parents soundtrack Review

Every parent knows the frustrations of getting babies to sleep. You think you have tried is all, from walking the halls at 3am to rocking and so on. As a parent on two children under 2, I know this all to well. After researching lots of remedies, I was introduced to the Sleepy Baby, Happy Parents soundtrack which uses white noise to relax and ultimately put your little one right in slumberland.

The creators of Sleepy Baby, Happy Parents used their experiences with their triplets to create this soundtrack, inspired by the sound of rain. While researching their product, the creators learned that for centuries, caregivers have used the sound of nature to relax fussy babies for night full of relaxing sleep. In continuing their tradition of amazing soundtracks for babies, they are happy to introduce the "Soothing Tropical Rain to Help Your Baby Sleep" sound track. 

After trying this sound track with my kiddos, I can testify that is does, indeed put your little on to sleep. 

If you are having some issues getting your little one to sleep, check out the Sleepy Baby Happy Parent website by clicking here

You can also catch them on Facebook and Twitter.


*disclosure* I was compensated to my review with a copy of the Sleepy Baby, Happy Parents soundtrack for the purposes of review. All opinions stated are my own and were not swayed with monetary compensation.