Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Marika Slimming Capri Review

I know if you are anything like me, sometimes you just like to sit around and relax and just be comfortable. A great pair of pants to just run errands in, work out, or just sit on the couch and eat ice cream can make the day that much better. Lately I've been wearing comfy clothes more often. With my hair bow business boomy louder than a 90's kid with a boombox, it's great to rely on sometime for a little bit of a comfort. 

I was recently given the opportunity to review the Marika slimming capris and let me tell you I was blown away! No only do they feel great, but they also make you look amazing. With the power mesh waist band, the Marika slimming capris are designed to suck in your tummy, leaving an incredible silhouette. That's not the only great feature, these wonderful capris also feature side leg panels that provide tons of support as well as compression to suck in those legs. It only gets better! I know when I workout, I like to have my iPod, as most of the time I like to listen to music and I never have anywhere to put it. Not with these pants, they have a media pocket located on the backside of the carpis for perfect storage!

I can personally say that I love my Marika slimming capris and I have lots of plans to wear them in the furture, they feel great, they look great. 

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