Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nature Bright Light Therapy Review

If you are like me, the winter time seems to bring a dark cloud over everything. The bad weather, the cold conditions, and the lack of outside activities leaves me with the winter blues. I mark the days down on my calender until the sun will perk up everything, but until the those days seems to get me further and further in the dumps. My children get cabin fever and are constantly aggravated with being inside all the time, and so am I. Looking out the window to a big pile of snow is depressing. With Christmas holidays wore off, and spring weeks away, I needed a way to perk myself up in anticipation for Spring. That's where Nature Bright comes in! Nature Bright is a revolutionary company based in Irvine, California that specializes in light therapy.  

 Nature Bright did a lot of research on their hunt for a light therapy technology. Since the ancient civilizations of the past, the Sun has been worshiped and has been a main characteristic to many powerful gods of the time. The Sun is the essence of human life, and that being so attributes to how we feel. In observance of this study, Nature Bright noticed that it's not just the Sun, but also the colors of the sky in which light refracted, reflected and absorbed, had a larger impact on humans. With these observations, they developed Sky Effect Technology, a technology designed to stimulate a special light receptor found in our eyes. This receptor is very sensitive to different frequency and wavelengths, especially blue! 
With this technology, Nature Bright was able to develop a device which uses light therapy to recalibrate our internal body clock which bases itself from information it receives from the outside world. This reception of the blue light from the sky sends messages to our brain to release a chemical called cortisol. This chemical tells the body that its time to start the body and encourages us to be active and happy. With the absence of light tells our brain to in turn release melatonin which is a signal to the body to relax and prepare for sleep.
Sometimes our body is tricked by bad weather which in turn secrets melatonin during daytime hours which can leave some nasty symptoms such as moodiness, irritability, no energy and even depression. The winter time often increases day time melatonin secretions leaving us with the winter blues. Nature Brights bright light technology is designed to suppress the melatonin, getting our bodies back on track and also boots the systems associated with melatonin secretions. With this knowledge many doctors are now turning to light therapy instead of anti depressants to treat their patients. Light therapy is also great for many types of depression and mental defects.
The Sun Touch plus uses the above technologies to rid you of negative feelings whether it be pregnancy blues, winter blues or just a bad day, this wonderful machine is here to make you feel better! Here are some amazing attributes this machine provides: 

  • ✽ 10,000-lux Sky Effect™ light
  • ✽ 15, 30, 45, and 60 Minute Timer
  • ✽ Emits 17,000 Kelvin UV-Free light
  • ✽ Mimics a Blue Sky
  • ✽ enhances mood
  • ✽ elevates energy
  • ✽ promotes better sleep 
I used this machine for a week to give it a full experiment. For 30 minutes a day around 3pm I would sit under the light and read a book to pass the time. Early on I noticed that I had more energy and I felt more active and happy, I have more focus for the later part of the day when it came to cooking, cleaning and the kids. I really like this product, especially when I am having a down day. It's safe and effective and a great product for a wide range of users!

*disclaimer: This product was sent to me for the purposes of review. All opinions stated are my own and may differ from yours. I was not compensated for a positive review.