Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pulse Yoga DVD's Review

I love going to the gym to work out, but sometimes I don't always have time to make or I just don't feel like going. When times like these occur, I like to work out at home. This can sometimes be tricky with all the work out routines there are on the market. I like to keep my body toned up, but I don't want to work out so much I look like Mr. Olympic, so yoga is a great way for me to keep in shape without working out like a body builder. I find yoga very peaceful and relaxing and it's the time of the day I spend on myself. I have tried a few different yoga routines, but I was very impressed with the Pulse Yoga dvd's that I was lucky enough to try out!

Pulse Yoga was developed by a lady in the midst of osteoporosis, which makes strenuous exercise very hard.  Her routine involves using hand weights and 'micro movements' or small and subtle movements to work the body. Angie Tang, the developer of pulse yoga has taught over 15,000 yoga classes and trained everyone from the weekend yogateer to Olympic athletes. Angie has developed yoga programs for organizations that range from colleges to hospitals and corporations.

Pulse Yoga is designed to target key areas of the body such as the abs and upper arms. The DVD's also stretch areas like the hamstrings and hips. I really enjoyed the program and will use it whenever I don't feel like hitting the gym. They are very easy to follow and go from the basic I and build up all the way to step III.

*disclaimer: This product was sent to me for the purposes of review. All opinions stated are my own and may differ from yours. I was not compensated for a positive review.