Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dropper Stopper Review

Calling all chic mommas! Tired of chasing those toys and sippy cups everywhere? I have founds your solution, the Dropper Stopper. Made with super stretchy material, the dropper stopper is the solution to some major messes. If your kids are anything like mine, than those long car rides where that special toy hits the floor or times when your little one's cup hits the floor while in a restaurant, are over! 

The Dropper Stopper comes in all kinds of sassy and retro designs that are cute and funky! I love unique gadgets that make my life easier than this has to be towards the top of the list. The adjustable strap features different size fittings so you are able to secure any size toy or sippy cup/.bottle. Made with stretchy material, anything dropped with pop right back up and will not hit those dirty floors. You can clip your dropper stopper  to your stroller, carset or high chair and can be used by kiddos of all ages.

The Dropper Stopper is the winner of the Mom's Best award so I know it is a product I can trust it. So go out and get one so you can save yourself alot of stress and your little one alot of germs!

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