Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tommee Tippie Cups

If you are like me, you are always on the hunt for a sippie cup that doesn't leak, is safe for your childrens teeth and a brand that you can trust. I searched the isles high and low for a cup that I thought might work. With the soft nipple cups, my son would just chew right through them, or the cups with the straws would just cause a big mess. I was about to give up, when a friend introduced me to Tommee Tippee Cup.

According to the website, "Unlike other valve systems our active sensor valve is designed by a physicist to be both so sensitive that liquid flows on demand, yet truly spill and leak proof." I could not agree further, my son loves these cups! He doesn't have to fight to get his milk to come out and he doesn't get covered if it leaks! Here's just a few more fact about this particular cup:

  • Advance-flo™ technology for easy drinking
  • Unique soft-flex spout protects gums
  • Hygiene Cap
  • Truly non spill & leak proof
  • BPA Free

The Tommee Tippee is all the rage with moms for a reason, it works great! This cup is also dishwasher AND microwave safe. They are durable and can hold up to my rowdy todler, who sometimes confuses his cup for a ball or a chair :). 

One of my favorite features of the cup if the soft-flex spout which helps protect my sons gums and teeth. Its very important to me for my baby boy to have a beautiful smile, and with the Tommee Tippee I have nothing to worry about! As a parent being able to bundle things together is essential!

Another feature I like are the handles. They are easily adjusted to fit right into my little man's hands, no slipping or dropping his cup, which means mom has less messes!

As a bonus the Tommee Tippee comes with a spout cover, this means no leaking in your diaperbag, less germs, the possibilities are endless!

So if you are looking for the perfect sippie cup, the Tommee Tippee is for you!