Saturday, December 31, 2011

Booginhead Sippigrip

Living in the 21st century can really have its perks: fast internet, convience, new devices. In this day in age we are at a point where alot of impractical problems are now being solved, alot of times with the most simple solutions. Being a mother to a rambunctious 18 month old son, my days are filled looking for ANYTHING that will keep his things cleaner and from getting lost. Take sippie cups for example, I can't tell you how many cups have been lost, misplaced, or just plain broke! So one night I decided to take a look for a cleaner way to keep my sons sippie cups, and wa-la, I would like to introduce to you my FAVORITE item ever, the Booginhead Sippigrip!

Yes, someone actually though of this wonderful idea! No more chasing sippie cups across dirty floors, no more crying babies because they last their cup, and lots of money in mom's pocket because you can now keep up with those sneaky sippie cups! I'm a big germaphobe, but now i can breath easier knowing my sons cup isn't dragging around on the floor or lost.

Now that we have the amazing news out of the way, I'd love to mention the fact that the SippiGrip is available in many different colors and patterns, making it easy to match with baby's outfits and also helps mom not lose the SippiGrip. Here is an in-detail description right from the website to give you an idea of the many benefits:

"SippiGrip is an award winning, parent invented product that prevents cups, bottles and toys from falling to the floor and becoming lost or dirty. Its unique grip material creates a strong hold on any cup or bottle and it is adjustable in length when attached to high chairs, strollers, car seats and more. SippiGrip is a great on the go and germ protection product and a lifesaver for any parent tired of playing the cup throwing game. All BooginHead Products have been extensively tested in accordance to the US CSPIA guidelines. Note from the Manufacturer: BooginHead recently upgraded its unique grip material to a more durable material, which is made in the USA. Some of the customer reviews listed below is from before the upgrade."

Knowing that this product is highly tested to make sure it meets up to the needs of my son gives me a sigh of relief knowing my money is well spent. Also, I nabbed this product from the internet for SIX BUCKS!! You cannot beat this. You can wash it, you can sling it around and you can be worry free!