Friday, February 25, 2011

Streekers: A great way to get that extra touch, especially for weekends!

I have always loved cute little ways to add my own flavor to an outfit. Weekends are my time to let go from the week and soak myself in a few days off fun! Well girls, let me introduce to you a little secret I have found that will blow you away. Ever imagine putting a few streaks of colors through your normal, everyday hair? Well, Streekers is the perfect product for you!

I received this product about a week ago and feel in love with the beautiful red color I received. This past weekend I went out with some of the girls and this was a great chance to try Streekers, it also would go great with this cute little dress I bought, perfect. I was about to easily apply the product to my hair with its easy, no mess applicator, its spread through my hair with no problem leaving behind a cute and flirty little red streak in the front of my hair.

The first thing about this product I love is the various color options you have to choice from. As girls we have alot of colors out there to choose from with out wardrobe, and what better than a product that would allow us to use our hair as an accessory as well! Pink, ultraviolet, red, green, yellow, orange, purple...or blue.

I love that there is no mess, and it is easy to apply and than walk out and look great. I would highly recommend this product to those who embrace the brighter side of life and love a splash.