Saturday, December 31, 2011

Munchkin Snack Catchers

Ok, last todler handy item, I swear :)

Now, to the next fabulous product for your rowdy little one. This little contraption is PERFECT for trips out or just having something handy around the house. Shaped alot like a sippy cup, the snack catcher has a soft top lid that allows your todler to reach in and grab their yummy snack, but the amazing this about the top is that is shapes right back up after use and doesn't allow snacks to creep out, even when dropped. The bottle is designed to be table friendly and prevent scratching. This little gadget also keeps messes down so mom isn't chasing crumbs all day!

  • Domed container holds 9 oz. of dry snacks
  • Protective bottom keeps tabletops scratch-free
  • A place to write child's name on the bottom
  • Contains 2 Snack-Catchers
  • Assorted gender-neutral colors
You really can't find anything better to hold those snacks. Easy for your baby to grab and easy on mom, simple as that!