Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mom's Favorite Show: Criminal Minds

The few hours that I do get to myself in the day, I always like to sit back and relax and watch a nice show. Lately, I have been catching the show Criminal Minds quiet a bit. More and more I get drawn into the show. I love a nice suspenseful thriller kind of show, its like Law and Order with a modern twist.

There are 7 main characters that work within the F.B.I. in a group know as the BAU (behavioral analyst unit), some of the characters vary through the seasons, but the main characters on all episodes features BAU leader Aaron Hotchner, who is a very serious, yet witty person that always gets the job done. Next is David Rossi, a very famous analyst who spreads his message in best selling books, detailing his stories over his years in the BAU. Dr. Spencer Reid is the young brainiac of the group who often notices the overlooked details and is amazing and solving puzzles and mysteries. And lastly, Derek Morgan, a young gun with good looks whose go-get-em attitude and drive allows him to go after any criminal.

The show focuses on following the BAU to cases involing murders, now before you get to thinking its going to be like all the other shows, its not. It gets intense, it pulls you in and its very creative everytime. I am literally on edge with every episode, I can honestly say I never know what is going to happen next. Anyway, the show is very dramatic and also includes the BAU's personnel lives and how they get intertwined with some of the actual killers. I swear, go out, watch an episode and you will be hooked as well!