Thursday, April 30, 2015

Detox with Urban Remedy Herbal Slimming Tea

"This is a review program with Mums the Word Network and Urban Remedy. All opinions are my own."

Summer will be here before you know it! So you know what that means ladies, time to get our bodies ready for those swim suits, beach trips & overall health. When you think health, you think gym, nasty diets and stress. Well leave all of that at the door when you try Urban Remedy Herbal Slimming Tea, a special weight loss tea that is here to help you drop those pounds! This amazing diet tea is a green tea meant to help your body detox and drop some of that unwanted winter weight. 

Urban Remedy is a health a wellness brand that offers several health lines such as juices, organic food kits, ready to eat meals & a line of tea. Based out of San Francisco, Urban Remedy was founded by a certified Chinese herbalist and nutritionist. You can find more info by clicking HERE, and you will be directed to their 'About Me' section!  

Now, back to the point. Ladies and Gents, you are going to love the effects of this amazing product! I used it for a week, seven days, and was able to drop 3 lbs. Not much, but based on my body size, its a great step! Anyone of any shape of size could benefit from the relaxing properties of this product. 

- stimulant free, safe & natural
- great flavors including mint and ginger
- will not make your nauseous 
- plenty of servings (3 bags a day)
- no loose tea

Cindy Crawford is even a brand ambassador and user of this amazing product! What this tea does is help your body get rid of bad toxins and parasites that get stuck in our bodies from stress and bad eating habits.  

Click HERE to be directed to their tea page which will give you more in depth information!