Monday, February 3, 2014

Sunday Recipe: Chocolate Sprinkle Prezels


1 Bag of prezels
Valentine's sprinkles
1 bar of Hershey's chocolate


1. You are going to need 2 sauce pots, one being able to fit into the other. Take the bigger pots and fill it 1/4 full of water and heat to a boil, than reduce heat to a low setting. Take the smaller pot and put it into the water. Allow a few minutes to heat up, than put your chocolate into the pan. Make sure to constantly stir the chocolate so it doesn't stick.

2. Allow chocolate to melt, than remove from heat.

3. Take pretzels and dip into the melted chocolate. Cover as much of the pretzels as you like with the chocolate. 

4. As soon as you get your pretzels dipped, coat with sprinkles and let cool.

This is a fun and simple recipe that works great as gifts, a school function or just to have something pretty to eat (: