Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Valentines Day Date Guide!

Hello Fabulous! Welcome to another great post, where I will be featuring a full guide from the perfect looks to the perfect gifts and everything in between to make sure that you and your date have a wonderful and special night. Whether you just started dating or have been together for years, its never to late to plan a special and amazing evening to celebrate your love for one another!

Date Night Outfits:

This is great for the chilly areas or just for a night laid back look. The simple tunic and pearl jewelry combo scream sophistication is great for Valentine's Day. I love the Tori Burch flats, they just really bring the outfit together. Again, this is just an idea, but I love the comfort, because some girls don't have to rock heels to look great!

Our next look is a step up in the sophistication department with this amazing, slim fitting dress that is very classy. This dress features simple design and is easy to dress up with a great bag and some rockin' heels. Perfect look for going to the movies or out on the town with your hunk. Make his jaws drop when he see's how fabulous you look!

I would recommend this look for anyone looking for a saucy ending to their night. Your man is going to do a double take when he sees how hot you look in this amazing, form fitting dress that is sure to show you off in all the right places. These sultry heels will make your legs look amazing and up your overall sex appeal. Paired up with a cute clutch and matching jewelry; this look is simple yet gorgeous. You can't go wrong!

2. Gift Ideas

Now that you have your amazing outfit together, let's focus on some fun and cute Valentine's Day gifts that he will fall in love with you even more. You don't have to spend a ton of money to get a great gift and a lot of the times thinking outside the box and coming up with something personal and unique means so much more to your significant other. Whether it's something you made yourself or something you spent a lot of time picking out, he is sure to notice your hard work and feel extra special.

As I was browsing around looking for some unique gift ideas for my man, I stumbled upon this great idea. A personalized BBQ set with get any guy smiling in seconds, as we all know, most guys love to show off their amazing grilling skills and this is a perfect way for them to do that. Imagine the look on his face when he opens this up. 

When I came across this idea, I feel in love. Again, this is just an idea, but its a great DIY gift that will show him just how much time and thought you put into everything. All you need is a basket, some DOW rods (walmart $.28 a rod) and some glue to make these. Again you can always replace the alcohol with other fun gifts like candy and stuffed animals or just things you know he will love.

In all my years I have discovered the easiest way to buy for a guy is to buy something for his vehicle. Most guys love their ride and take great pride in making it look amazing. Wow him with a great gift that he can fall in love with. Keep your ear open, because believe it or not, guys are just as bad as girls for dropping little hints on things they want to do to their ride or things they may want to go with it (accessories). 

3. Date Night Ideas

You will be surprised how often great date nights can be found by simply opening your back door. Get your man together and go outside and explore the amazing outdoors. With the recent snow storms that have been hitting, this is the perfect time to go out and have some fun. Bring out the sled, build a snowman, or make snow cream. The ideas are endless and its a great way to have fun and save money.

Cooking together is another great idea that can bring you closer to your man. Find out his favorite dish and get to the stove. Include him, even if its for the simple stuff, and have fun bonding and relishing in each other. A way to a man's heart is generally through his stomach so this is a no fail way to get him head over heels in no time! Plus, if your creation turns out good, this gives you awesome brownie points and encourages him to love you even more.

I am a huge fan of the classic wine and dine method. Find an amazing restaurant that offers privacy and romantic vibes. My love and I go to a special diner in town that is cozy and offers a great fireplace and an amazing wine selection, not to mention to food is to die for. You can always recreate this in your own home for a more intimate feel. Sticking to the basics leads more energy for later.

I hope these ideas help you achieve a perfect date night with your loved one. Wow him with your amazing style, great gifting and a perfect date night that he is love and brag about. Remember, Valentine's Day is a celebration of your love and admiration for each other. Whether you have been together forever or are just starting out, take a night out and treat each other. It's a great bonding experience and can only make your relationship that much better!