Thursday, January 30, 2014

9 No Fail Flirt Methods

If you couldn't tell from my recent string of posts, I am getting very excited for Valentine's Day. I have always enjoyed the celebration of love with another person, its a bond unlike anything else in the world. Over the next few weeks expect more great articles that you can use towards your perfect Valentine's Day, including a great post for singles! 

So, as woman, not all of us our born with that eccentric personality or bomb looks, so to make up for that you have to develop of few tricks that will help you stand out and score the perfect date, these are also great tricks to use in your existing relationship. Always keep in mind that true love in the everlasting pursuit of the other person, so don't forget to remind them that they are still as special as the first day you met. 

1. Get Caught Looking

This is a personal favorite and probably the easiest way to let someone know you are interested. Imagine, you see a drop dead guy walk into the cafe but you are to shy to approach him. Don't lose confidence, because flirting isn't always about being in someone's face trying to charm them with your personality, we will get to the later. Ok, so back to that hunk, start out by throwing him a few flirty glaces. Eventually he is going to notice, but when he does only give him a few seconds before you put out an ever so sly smile than look away again. Remember to not do this to many time because you don't want to come off as creepy, that's the number one thing to avoid. The sly smile will let him know you are into him and in a room full of people there is not more fun way to flirt.

2. Keep It Playful

Now that you have let him in on your interest, try to approach him and start up a conversation. Remember that flirting is all about fun, so being approachable and having a nice and warm smile is a great way to be approachable and interesting. Start up a conversation but keep it light and fun. Put yourself out there but don't forget that guys like to chat about themselves too. Teasing him is another great method to let him know you are interested, but don't keep bringing up his cute cheeks because it's just annoying to over play these techniques. Just be yourself and let your personality shine.

3. Compliment Him

Believe it or not, men are a lot like women in the regard that they too like to hear positive feedback too. So if you think his smile is cute, let him know. If you like the new jeans he is sporting, let him know. Again, just don't over do it because you will seem fake and not genuine and this is a big turn off to guys. Keep it fun and flirty.

4. Physical Contact

I know he is a hunk and your first instinct is to just jump up and devour him, but have some restrain and hold back. If you show all your cards at once and play all your tricks out on the first few meetings you are going to seem a lot less appealing. Take time to let things happen and develop in a healthy way. When you first talk to your crush, stand close enough to seem intimate and interested but not so close that he can smell your breath. As time goes on and he shows his interest, you can start getting a little more bold with your moves. A simple brush of the hands or a hello/goodbye hug can be enough to get the magic started. Just remember to not over do it and to watch his behavior for clues as to how you are affecting him. Make sure he doesn't pull away because that could be a sign that he isn't interested. A perfect balance is key to flirting.

5. Eye Contact

The eyes are the window to the soul and these is so much you can convey through your eyes. Eye contact also lets the other people know you are engaged and interested in them and what they have to say. Take a card from Tyra Banks and learn the 'smile with your eyes' technique, it works so well. Don't get creepy with blank zombie stares, it will just put him off. Instead try pairing it with a nice smile and relax, your mood and essence will shine and he will love it. Another great technique is to sometimes look down to his lips when you do have his attention. Remember to be subtle and only do it a few times, he will notice.

6. Conversation

Nothing is sexier than a woman that can keep a man captivated with her words. Make it a key to be laid back and fun, the rest will just take care of itself is there is a true connection between you and him. Occasionally use his name is conversation because it adds a personal touch and help him relax. Try to focus on him and ask him interesting questions that keep the conversation flowing. Nothing will make him dig you more than being the type of girl that doesn't constantly seek out attention for themselves. Pay attention to what he says and play off of that with some of your own fun stories. Its a no fail way to keep him eyes on you.

7. Body Language 

Just like your words, your body language is an important part of how another person will read you. Given most of this happens subconsciously  so make it a point to pay attention to the vibes you are giving off to other people, don't give off the wrong signals. The number one way to kill someones interest is keeping your arms crossed. Its the easiest way to pick up on someone that isn't to interested and he will pick up on this and it will turn him away from you. Bad body languages make you seem unapproachable and you will lose out. If you don't know what to do with you hands, try playing with your hair or jewelry. It's a great way to show you are a little shy and guys love that. My number one secret is the legendary head flip, the kind that makes your hair bounce the perfect way and shows off your neck area. As this is an intimate spot, he is sure to pick up on the hint. Other methods include brushing your hair to one side, wearing your hair up, or a few small head flips to keep is attention on a more intimate spot. I promise he will be crazy, in the best ways possible.

8. Depart While It's Still Fun

If you feel like you are running out of things to say or that things are starting to go on the downside than it's time to say goodbye. Nothing puts hours of good times in the trash faster than lingering around after the magical has wore out. Leaving on a high point will keep his hopes up and his interest in your stronger than ever. Until you meet again, he is going to look forward to another fun get together. Keep the goodbye short, but still confidence and flirty. This is also a great excuse to get a huge or lay a sweet kiss on his cheek. 

9. Don't Go Psycho

Nothing will make him run faster than a flood of texts and phone calls. If you want to keep a guy interested you have to keep him wondering, so don't divulge everything from the starts. Do magically show up where he is at, don't over text him asking where he is all the time. If you managed to get his number at this point, don't text him right after a night together, give him time to miss you. If he is interested, trust me he will let you know. Don't bombard his phone if he doesn't call right away, everyone is different and sometimes need time to reach out again. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my tips and tricks. These are all methods I have used in the past and they have been very successful. Remember to show interest in him and just be your fun self. Give him time to warm up to you and take things on a day to day basis, the best relationships start with a strong foundation. Tell me below some of your best flirting stories or tips!