Monday, January 20, 2014

Blogger Tips: How To Get Readers Engaged

Having a fashion blog is one of the most fun and rewarding jobs out there. I love sharing my interests and insight to the amazing readers that happen to follow along with me. With hundreds and thousands of other blogs popping up everyday, it has become more of a challenge to gain readers and engage their interests. Over the last 3 years, I have learned that there is more to having success than just writing a few interesting articles. Top fashion blogs take work, as I am about to go over. So sit down, get comfy and read on for some awesome tips and tricks to get your fashion blog on the map.

In this series of posts I am going to share with you my knowledge of blogging, tips that helped my blog and other great information that will help you take your blog to the next level. First and foremost it takes a lot of time to get your blog in the spotlight. The main thing to keep in mind is that a blog is a reflection of the person writing, personality is everything when trying to create engaging content that will keep readers coming back for more. With that being said here are some great tips to getting your blog out there!

1. Social media is key. If you are going to have any type of presence on the internet, you have to put yourself out there. Running a blog and gaining followers is a true commitment that takes time and persistence. If you are a small blog, I recommend sticking to Facebook and Twitter, as they are the most used social media outlets on the web. Make accounts for your blog and promote your posts. Think of your blog as a business and take your work seriously and so will others. Put yourself out there, engage your readers, follow other bloggers and retweet. Also, remember to keep it interesting, it's ok to stray from your blog, readers love to know about the person behind the keyboard so let your readers get to know you and they will be sure to follow and spread the word.

2. Follow other blogs and.. comment, comment, comment! The easiest and fastest way to build long term readership is to interact with other bloggers as well as gain a ton of knowledge you didn't even know was out there. 75% of the knowledge I have about blogging has come from running into great articles on other blogs, which sometimes gives me ideas for posts I can publish on my own blog. By commenting on other blogs, you are sure to meet new people and form wonderful friendships that can be beneficial in the future. This also can gain the eye of other readers that may see your comment and want to check out your blog!

3. Guest post. As you go to build your readership, you will start to expose yourself to tons of blogs, and trust me there isn't a shortage. Occasionally you are bound to run into a guest post; what is this exactly? Guest posting allows young blogs on outlet on more established blogs to showcase their most amazing posts to the expose of tons of new eyes. Do a quick Google search and you will be surprised at the amount of popular blogs that love to help a newbie. Get out there, send an email and get your posts noticed and your followers up.

4. Have amazing content. Really, it all boils down to the content in while you post. Readers will only come back to your blog if they love what they read and see. On top of great content you have to focus on great photos, readers will love your blog if you have amazing eye candy. Pick topics others will find interesting, talk about your favorite trends or share some tips and tricks, readers out there are dying for the good stuff. All the time I see ''fashion blogs'' that are filled with dreadful content and not so amazing photos and its a total turn off to my eyes. Spin out the personality, let your readers get to know you and I swear you will be successful.