Monday, January 20, 2014

Aupie: Nerd Clothing Paradise

So a while back I got invited to a gaming conference, yes for video games. It's a little known fact that I actually love video games and the whole new nerd culture that has spawned from in. Before we get ahead of ourselves, I am definitely NOT referring to the whole hipster look or the 'Oh look over hear at my rimmed glasses'' hoopla. When I say nerd, I am referring to the deep down, drag out, Star Wars loving, gluten-free, full blown nerd. With that being said, I really wanted to show a fun side of myself I don't usually get to show in my everyday life as a mom. Being from West Virginia doesn't help much either when you are surrounded by VS Pink loving, Ugg toting clones.  Anyways, back to the point, on my search to find some cool clothes for the gaming conference, I stumbled over a website and upon a few glances I feel in love with their own selection of top notch nerd wear. 

Aupie is one an amazing online retailer that offers a large selection of unique and quality clothing, shoes, handbags and more. They offer a top knock street style wardrobe that will have you watering at the mouth, because I sure was I mean when you see the prices you won't believe how affordable it is as opposed to pricey mall wears that everyone and their hair dresser has. Here are some of my favorite picks!

1. Star Wars Inspired Dress - $33.99

2. Simpson's Inspired Tee - $30.99

3. Camo Sweetie Outfit - $28.99 

4. Hedgehog BackPack - $47.99

5. Bluesy McSpikens - $16.99

6. Yellow Bow Belt - $10.79

Again, Aupie has by far one of the most amazing collections out there. They are constantly adding new styles almost daily and it's gorgeous! I feel in love with the pieces the second I laid eyes at them and so did everyone at the gaming conference. My style picks really set me apart from the typical girlie gamers that typically look like a mix of bottom of the box hand me downs and a hobo. I love to make a statement and my pieces from Aupie did the job for me. So what are you waiting for, hope over there now and check out the excitement!

Click HERE to be directed to the website. Sign up and get a 15% coupon!