Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fashion Bloggers Aren't All the Same

This is a stigma that has irritated me since becoming alot more involved in the world of fashion blogs. I spend quiet a bit of time browsing over  tons of blogs, and most of them simply bore me to death. Yes, I understand you like clothes, but your countless posts of you in pretty clothes does not inspire me to get more involved in your blog. A blog should consist of substance, I want to read about different brands, tutorials, your input. I want to feel involved in your work, not just see a hundred pictures of you in the same tacky outfit. Bring me, the reader, into your world. I want to understand your style, how you interpret fashion.

There are a few main things I look for when getting involved in a fashion blog. I have broken them down into a few sections. Also note, this is note a guide and I am not telling you how to run your blog, but this is MY little corner of the internet so I am going to give my two cents.

Content, content is everything to a blog. I love to see people go out of the traditional path of writing and add their own personal spark. Personality will keep readers coming back for more. Don't be a walking billboard for brands. Yes, I love to see your pictures of your creative outfits, I love seeing new fashion statements, but add some substance to your post. Give me some interpretation of how you put the look together, what inspired you.You have to set yourself apart from everyone else or you will just blend into the background.

Get involved with your readers. I love seeing bloggers answering questions, giving style tips and engaging with their readers. Your readers are not just another 'follow' button, they are the ones that keep your blog popular, they spread the word about your content, therefore they should be close to the top on your list of priorities.

Have a good layout. Simple and chic is the best. No this does not mean that everything has to be white, actually I rather do not like the color, but you do not want alot of obstacles taking the readers focus from your content. Also, brands like to see an organized and simple palate, it is a reflection of yourself and people will notice.

Blog about topics people can relate too. Yeah I know that fashion week is great, its also a wonderful way to get readers from all corners of the world focused to your blog. It's an example of something alot of people can relate to. Give readers a reason to want to read your content and to keep coming back for more.

I hope this little bit helps you in your writing. Just keep in mind, ''Would I keep coming back?'' Remember the readers and you should have no problems being successful!