Monday, December 23, 2013

CraftsVilla: The Etsy of India

I was recently invited to an Indian wedding by one of my best friends. Being the all American girl that I am, I had to find an outfit suitable for the occasion. Indian artisans have always been very proud of their style, coming mostly from artisans, the items are always beautiful and hand crafted. I love to buy hand crafted items, supporting artisans such as myself is always a joy, and you always receive a high quality item made with love. I really wanted to find an outfit that embodied the Indian culture to its fullest, so my friend kindly directed me to an amazing site that is very popular in India.

Crafts Villa is an amazing website where thousands of artisans list their items for sale. I was very happy upon scrolling the website, there were so many amazing options. The styles vary from traditional sarees to gorgeous and modern salwar suits. My favorite items had to come from the BollyWood section of the website, and I wanted a very chic and modern selection. As a few may know, India has a very rich and diversified culture that has done exceptionally well embracing modernism while still retaining their traditional roots. This shows through in their fashion, telling an amazing story with every piece.

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Price: $153.00
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Price: $331
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Price: $237
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Like I said above, I instantly feel in love with the BollyWood inspired sarees that were listed on the website. The modern flare really adds a great flare to a traditional dress. Here are a few of my favorites!

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Price: $135
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Price: $159
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Price: $92
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If you are anything like me, by making it this far down in the post you are dying to get your hands on some new cultural fashions! These items work well as statement pieces too. Why not show up to your next big outing rocks a gorgeous saree? Everyone will be all over your outfit asking for details and showering you with compliments. Below here are some of my favorite picks for salwar suits! 

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Price: $105
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Price: $56.00
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Price: $158
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On top of all of the amazing fashions Craft Villa also offers an amazing selection of jewelry and accessories that will bring any outfit together. 

Crafts Villa also ships international! Most orders arrive in 21 days which is FAST for international orders. So what are you waiting for? Get over there and explore a new fashion today!

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Here is also a message from them taken from their website:

'' is India's largest online marketplace for Indian products including sarees, salwar suits, handicrafts, jewelry and accessories like bags, stoles etc. started 3 years back and today is a household name in India. has more than 5000+ sellers who sell close to 300,000+ products online from across India. is like Etsy of India.'' - Crafts Villa

*disclosure: This post was sponsored by BlogDash on behalf of Craftsvilla. All opinions stated are my own.