Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Very Merry Christmas: 2013

If anyone knows me personally, they would tell you Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year! Though we didn't get the white Christmas I always secretly hope for, it was still amazing none the less. I always enjoy getting together with friends and family to celebrate the birth of our savior. Each year that passes allows me to appreciate small moments like this much more often as I realize how short life really is, we need to make more memories, for what else do we have to take with us when we leave?

This is what Christmas is really about, getting together with those we love to celebrate another wonderful year in each others lives. My family is very simple and we don't try to out do each other with expensive gifts, we are just happy to be with family.

The food does come in at a close second in my book. I wait patiently every year for days like this to roll around, you get a few guilt free days, right? Regardless you can bet I loaded down on some turkey, ham and mashed potatoes. One of the many perks of being from the south is that everyone can cook!

Am I wrong is saying everyone, everywhere has to have a sweet tooth? And even if you didn't, look at those cookies there, so good. My mama can cook like you wouldn't believe and bake even better, so my belly is always happy to have some of these.

Christmas was absolutely perfect beside the one I love. This was our second official Christmas together and I couldn't have been happier to be able to make another amazing memory with him by my side.

This had to be the biggest surprise of the day for me. I was not expecting this in a million years, I was in tears when I opened the box. My love really does know me better than I though because this was the perfect ring, now I get to look forward to planning a wedding this year!

I hope your holiday was as amazing as mine. Comment below with your favorite Christmas memory or your favorite gift!