Sunday, November 3, 2013

What Goes With This? A Website Review

How many of you wake up, look in your closet, maybe pull out a few pieces trying to put a look together, and just get plain stumped? I have a problem with this from time to time, where my creativity just doesn't work when trying to put together a statement outfit. How would you feel though, to know you aren't alone, and there is a website that is ready and waiting to help! What Goes With This is a website developed to get advice from other users in their community for recommendations on items to add to your outfit to make it complete!

Sign up was very easy, because you can us Facebook, it takes less than 30 seconds! Once you get on the website, it is very simple and easy to navigate, which is one of my favorite things about the site. Once you sign up you can start using their website to get ideas to make a perfect outfit. You start out by making a request with a picture of the item, as well as a comment and how much you are willing to spend to complete your outfit. Next, you publish your clothing piece and sit back while other users recommend items you can purchase online, that they think would make you look the best! Purchasing the item online is just a nice option, but alot of recommendations are items alot of us fashionistas keep stocked in the closet.

Alot of people prefer store shopping to online, but by using What Goes With This you can make online shopping easier! The website is based on a points system in which you gain points for doing various tasks around the site, like logging in daily, inviting friends, and having your recommendations to other users voted for!  It also costs points to make recommendations and comment on others looks. 

In my opinion this is also a great way to get exposed to new online shops that you may not have known about before! It's a very simple set up, but a great way to get great ideas for your pieces, or an idea you saw recommended to another user, this is a perfect tool for the everyday fashionista who is looking to stand out! So here is the wrap:

1. Sign up! Very simple and easy
2. Make a request with the information and image of the piece you are looking for ideas for. 
3. Watch the recommendations flow in!
4. Show off your fashion savvy by giving ideas to others looking for help too!

To start click here!

*Disclaimer: I was provided with a sneak peak to the website in exchange for my post. I was in no way paid, sponsored or provided with free items in exchange for a positive posts. All opinions started are my own.