Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DIY: Studded Sweater

Everywhere you look you see companies coming out with cute products with a not so cute price tag. With a love for fashion as big as mine I want everything I see, but on a budget keeping up with the latest fashions gets a little rough. Here is a great way to turn an old sweater into a new treasure for your wardrobe. Studded sweaters are a great way to make a bold fashion statement and here is a tutorial that you are sure to love.

1 New/Used sweater (Check you local thrift store)
1 Choice of studs (Hobby Lobby $5)
1 E-6000 industrial glue (Walmart $2.97)

I started out with this faded out sweater because I really love the washout effect, but you can use anything that fits your style. You can get really creative with a project like this so I am not going to give you instructions. Rather use your own creativity in deciding the placement of the studs. You can also pick up a few different styles of studs and also incorporate some bling like I did in mine.

Once you have decided the placement for your studs, its time to get the glue out. I prefer glue over the manual studs because it holds very well and is much easier to work with. As pictured above you can see my selection. I wanted to keep the sweater simple in placement because I am a firm believer that less is more. I went with a mixture of the skull and pyramid studs on the shoulders to give it the pop it needed, and placed a few of the jeweled studs around the neck to tie it all together.

Like I said before, use your creativity, find some other examples online and make something that really embodies you style. The beauty of DIY projects is making something for YOU that no one else has or can reproduce. I love unique and custom pieces and so will all your friends!