Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Looking Chic on a Budget

If you are a woman you know that looking your best doesn't always agree with your wallet. With bills coming in, a dwindling economy and basic day to day expenses, setting aside money for a great wardrobe isn't in the works. I get asked all the time how I manage to look my best, and though many people think I spend hundreds of dollars on the latest fashions, that's not the case at all. Just like many of you, I don't have an endless bank account so getting the new looks takes so clever and some very easy tricks that will surprise you. Here is my list of the top 5 ways to look your best for less.

1. New fashions aren't as new as you think.
Alot of people would be surprised to learn that alot of the fashions in style today were once big years ago. Scarves, skinny jeans and high waist pants have made a huge impact lately, among other years old fashions. Take the time to look through some of your mother or grand mothers old wardrobe, as you will be surprised what goodies you may find. Vintage items are also make a big come back so grandma's costume jewelry could be that accessory you have been looking for. To beat it all, you can't get any cheaper than free!

2. Thrift stores are a girls best friend.
You might be surprised what you might find and your local Goodwill or other thrift stores. As people try to extra money any way they can, you will see more and more people consigning clothing out in exchange for fast cash and here is a great chance to score some great items for nearly nothing. Many thrifts stores will offer a variety of high quality, brand name items that could form the basics of your closet. Everyone needs a cute black dress or some cute pumps and this is the best place to find a large variety of items!

3. Closet swap with friends.
You just saw your girl friend and she is rocking out that new blazer you were eyeing in the mall last week. Instead of glowing with envy, get the nerve up and ask if she is willing to loan the item you want to you. Other times your friend has had her eye on one of your items so an exchange can be alot easier than you think and it does save alot of money, especially if you don't want to make permanent purchases for your wardrobe that you wouldn't get the most use out of.

4. Learn the value of online shopping.
Yes I know online shopping isn't the same as actually going to the store, seeing the item and trying it on, but you will be surprised to find its many advantages. Many stores offer alot of products that are exclusive to their online stores that you would miss out on otherwise. Also, you have the chance to score with coupon codes, discounts, and promotions! Being able to reach people from the convenience of their home is a wonderful and FREE marketing tool many retailers take full advantage of as many customers are switching over to the online stream, so don't miss out while everyone is saving on their favorite brands. Sign up for news letters, follow brand Facebook pages, and save!

5. Don't spend alot of money on trends.
With new fashions coming and going in the blink of an eye, its hard to try to keep up with every look we like. My number one rule for my closet is to spend money on items that will work regardless of the current trends. Clean cut blazers, great fitting jeans, and black never go out of style and just a few examples of trends that never go out of style. Keeping your focus on a very flexible wardrobe will allow you to easily dress up with new trends as they come without wasting money on things you won't wear for long. Focus on accessories as these are the cheapest items to get when the newest fashions roll in!

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