Saturday, January 7, 2012

Some Nifty Ideas

Here are some more really cute ideas I found while on Pinterest!

1. Pop Tab Bracelet, Here is a video I found on how to use ribbon and pop tabs to make the cutest bracelets!

2. I found the cutest family photo here.

3. This is a great idea for someone who sews and has left-over fabric and they are so cute. 

You cut the fabric into strips, make it double the size of how long you want it.
Take a piece of elastic, preferably 1in.,
Tie the pieces of fabric around the elastic all the way around.

4. Here is something I made using a zebra print onesie, beanie and leggings. I use chifon poofs on the collar. Than I tied pink bows to the leggings and beanie.

Hope you enjoyed this like I did!