Friday, January 6, 2012


While my insomnia had its grips on me, I discovered the BEST website ever. Pinterest is a website where people upload anything from craft ideas and recipes to fashion tips and quotes. There is a variety of everything for everyone. If there is a post that you like, you can 'pin' it so that it stays on your profile for later viewing or sharing. Here are just a few of the neat things that I found.

1. Streamer flowers:

You can find instructions, as well as other fun project via The Idea Room.

2.  Using wrapping paper as a photo backdrop, check out the project this cool mom did with her little girl via

3. Okay, and the last project I am going to share is this amazing scarf you can make on your own using an old T-shirt  

There was no website posted on how to make this type of scarf, but I did find a video on YouTube that is very similar

So, GO NOW and be amazed by Pinterest. Your husband will love it, especially when you get to those recipes. My ribs last night were amazing.