Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lil Melon Baby Knee Pads Review

As everyone knows I have two very rowdy little ones. My boy Khylan is 18 months old and he is into everything. Plus we have Princess who is on the verges of crawling and loves to play around in the floor. I am always worried about their little knees as Khylan can be clumsy and has the tendency to run into everything, and Addy, as I said before, is a floorbug these days. She loves to wiggle and roll and has recently started to scoot. So I was on the hunt for something durable to keep up with their little knees. I finally found a wonderful product by Lil Melon baby knee pads.

Lil Melon is a Los Angeles based company dedicated to bringing high quality knee pads for babes. Unlike other knee pads that are harm and have scratchy velcro, Lil Melon baby knee pads are made from a cotton based stretchy material that is both flexible and breathable. They are comfortable, durable and will last for along time. The pads feature a silicon grip that keeps baby from sliding and enables them to crawl along for efficiently. The designs are also very cute and they function as a great accessory.

These nifty knee pads are a life saver for my kiddos! My boy now has the ability to roam freely and moma can breathe easy knowing her babies knees are protected with an amazing product! So if you are worried about those precious baby knees, invest in some Lil Melon baby knee pads!

*disclaimer: This product was sent to me for the purposes of review. All opinions stated are mine and may differ from yours. I was not compensated for a positive review.