Thursday, January 19, 2012

FUMI Review - Pursehook & Scarlett

Time for some more amazing finds! Ok, who doesn't love multi functional accessories?! I love products I can use for more than one purpose, especially if they are going to be looked at by alot of people. I have a high standard of looks, so I expect no less from the accessories I choose to wear.

First off let me introduce the Fumi Purse hook. This nifty little gadget has 3 purposes. First you can wear it as a very fashionable bracelet. With many options to choose from, there is no way to go wrong. Second, it can be made into a purse accessory that brings bling and sparkle to any handbag. Lastly, it serves as an actual purse hook, a nifty thing that allows you to hang your purse up so it doesn't get stilled or lost. I am the type of person who is highly unorganized and I lose everything. FUMI or fuctional, unique, multi purpose and innovative, is made from 100% recycled materials.

Next, I'd like to introduce the FUMI scarlet. This little cloth is also a sure way to spoof any boring purse with a handy little cloth you can use to clean your glasses, cell phone or anything that gets a smudge. The scarlet is made from high quality micro fiber and lycra and is also used as a zipper pull, a luggage identifier or a camera lens cleaner. 

So go visit FUMI and get yourself some stylish accessories!
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*disclaimer: I received these products for the purposes of review. I was not compensated for a positive review, all opinions are mine and may differ from yours.