Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Santoku Knife - The Newest Kitchen Innovation!

How many commericals have you seen for knives promising to never dull, to never break, blah blah. Well the wait is over, I would like to introduce to you the Santoku knife:

Whether you are a professional or home cook, you’ll definitely want to get a Santoku knife! These originally come from Japan, where Santoku means “three virtues.” That means that these knives are perfect for cutting vegetables, meat, and fish. These multipurpose knives are generally very well made (depending on the company you choose to buy from) and are a great addition to any home or professional kitchen.
The knife is designed in a way that helps aid the slicing motion. They are made either with or without hollows. When the Santoku knife has hollows, it helps the food slide right off the blade so it does not stick. These wonderful knives are made in a variety of different sizes, such as a 7 inch, 5 1/4″ and the smaller 3 to 4 inch paring knives.

The Santoku knife is second to none in the world of cutlery! This knife is literally taking the world by storm as it changes the way people think about slicing vegetables, meat, and fish. Examine the different options that are available on this site, and you’re sure to find the perfect Santoku knife for you — at the very best price around.

I feel in love with the knife from the first moment I used it! Everyday gives a new occasion to whip out my Santoku, and it makes everything a little easier! The handle is very comfortable and doesn't wear your hand out after long uses like alot of other knives do, and it also has a very sharp blade that makes cutting anything easier. I believe the option I like best with the knife is its versatility. I can cook a while meal and only use one knife! From fish to onions to even bananas, this knife far exceeded my expectations to the point to where I tossed out all of my other knives!