Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lamaze Jacques the Peacock - A Perfect Toy for Every Baby

I know as parents we only want what is best for our babies, that being said, I would like to introduce Jacques the Peacock, on of the toys in the Lamaze line up, a great toy for any baby. If your child is like mine, it is sometimes hard to keep their attention with anyone toy. I have tried the teeth rings, the expensive Jumporoo's, but nothing seems to keeps his attention. One day I was chatting with a girlfriend, and she told me her little girl just loves this toy, so I gave it a chance and it has worked like a charm. Now I am not saying this will keep your little one happy all the time, nothing is that great, but this product does help keep him occupied which I am trying to clean or cook! I snatched this little guy on Amazon for around 10 bucks, so it's a very reasonably priced item.

Here are some really great features of the product:

  • Plush toy keeps babies entertained
  • Link for hanging from activity gym; connects easily to any Lamaze toy or play mat
  • Peacock design with soft velour body and busy wings with multiple textures and crinkles
  • Includes peek-a-boo mirror and squeaker
  • Recommended for babies and young children of all ages
  Jacques is one of Lamaze's best offerings! The peacock is light enough - and the feather panels thin enough - for little hands to grab, tug and pick up without easily dropping. The feather panels also provide several chewable surfaces for little ones who love to put everything in their mouth.

The shape of this toy also makes it easy to tuck into a car seat. While a lot of toys seem to fall out of the car seat once baby starts playing with them, the flatness of the feather panels and the flat bottom of the peacock body seem to help this toy stay in the seat. Also, the feather panels are easy for baby to reach out for an edge, grab and pull back into reach.

The back of the peacock feathers have different black and white panels which makes the toy interesting even when the toys happens to be upside down. The cute face and large eyes appealed to our little guy and were worthy of cues and smiles - a friend indeed. I could not be happier with this toy