Friday, February 11, 2011

Bob Evans: A great place for the whole family to enjoy!

Who doesn't love good, old fashioned, country food? Being a country girl myself, I know few things come close to the things mama cooked, but Bob Evans is one place that is second best! I have enjoyed coming to this restaurant since I was a kid with my family, and they never fail to deliver a great experience.

Here are some great features of a visit at Bob Evans:
  • You are always greeted by a smiling host & clean foyer.
  • Your kids are given a colored straw, crayons & activity booklet.
  • You are seated at a nice, comfy & clean area you know is safe.
  • Your waitress is very friendly and makes you feel at home, very great service might I add.
  • Your food is delivered in a timely manner and it is always tasty, hot & fresh!
  • The desserts are to die for!


Bob Evans's Menu is the largest menu of any restaurant chain and offers menu's for everyone in the family. Children have the options of breakfast items or the dinners they love, like Mac and Cheese, Cheeseburgers, chicken strips, grilled cheese, and more! They also offer a 'Fit From the Farm' section that is dedicated to healthy foods for those who are dieting or just like a good healthy meal. In this section you can get yogurt crepes, fruit or veggie plate, multi grain pancakes, and more. For the older crowd, a senior menu is put in place that offers a discounted price to some of the most popular dinners such as Open-Faced roast beef, Turkey and Dressing, and Flounder. There is any breakfast item you can ever dream of, and it is served all day! My favorite section is the salads! There are so many to choose from, from Cobb or Heritage Chef, to their signature Wildfire Chicken Salad that includes their branded BBQ sauce and Wildfire Ranch dressing.

Another thing the company offers that is very convenient is Carry-Out, where you can call you order in, or place it online from the touch of your mouse. You can get what is known as, family meals, which features enough food to feed 4 people for under $20. They even do catering! I don't thing it gets any better than that.
So much from one restaurant, and alot of others agree. I know in my area its one of the most popular restaurants, they are always booming with business and everyone loves them!

That's all from me, I have to go and pick up my order, honestly, I LOVE this place.