Friday, February 6, 2015

New Dry Sprays Available at Walmart!

So, going along with the New Year, I made a resolution to spend less time online, and to spend more time getting healthy. I've made such progress in the last 5 weeks as far as going 5 times a week. On top of that, I have also switched to a high protein diet that really helps to keep me in shape. With that in mind, I noticed after a few trips to the gym, the deodorant I was using would leave a yucky residue on my clothes. This really irritated me, as gym clothes are a little more expensive that normal clothing, so I really wanted to find a way to get great under arm protection as well as save my clothes. 

Recently, I was lucky enough to be asked to try out a new dry spray (Dove), and the experience was fantastic. The product itself is super cool, I love how we live in such an age you can get deodorant in an spray can, its makes application so simple. Lift arm, spray. It's totally that simple, there is no giant mess, and the smell is fantastic. Don't think a simple spray will do you? This stuff is antipersonnel, so you can go to the gym like me, sweat, and still be adequately protected.

Image 1 

These dry sprays come in 5 choices, for both men and woman, you have a Dove for women, Dove for men, Degree for women, Degree for men, as well as Axe. I was asked to test the Dove spray, and I can tell you its well worth every penny (which isn't much, it's a very cheap product). On top of being protected, my underarms became alot softer and the skin itself looks great! As a model and bikini competitor, it's always a place to have nice under arms, especially at the gym! I was super impressed with the product and it's something I will recommend in the future to friends, family and readers!

So head on our to your local Wal-Mart, and see what the hype is about. Save you garments from unsightly white marks!

You can learn more about these products by clicking HERE.