Thursday, November 27, 2014

The NEW Influenster App & Why I Love It #influenster #influensterapp

So, I am sure you all have heard of Influenster? Influenster, a word-of-mouth marketing platform where social media savvy users share thoughts on products, brands and services, has recently launch its brand new mobile app, available here in the IOS app store. The app is designed to be an on-the-go version of the full website which gives users access to Influenster's word-of-mouth community and product discovery platform. This exciting new app offers access to over 5 million authentic product reviews, price comparisons, videos, photos and Q&A sessions all submitted and answered by thousands of fabulous users. 

Of important feature of the app allows users to access, discover and discuss over one million products from over 40,000 leading household brands. Growing everyday, search and discover information on your favorite products by searching over 2 million first hand reviews. Once you become a member, the app allows on-the-go users to give their opinions of products by grading them on a scale from A-F. Search brands a services across all mediums from fashion and beauty products to entertainment services. Influenster is the place to make your opinion count.

Another really neat feature is the bar code scanner that allows shoppers to get opinions and information on products while they shop. Search the Q&A section if you have questions about a product, make price comparisons and see what other users have to think as far as quality and price. With access to the community on-the-go, its like having over one million shopping assistants with you as you shop. Submit questions about products and get real-time answers, as the community is so busy, users are always up to giving their opinions!

If that is cool, imagine how fun being a user really is. The Influenster app gives users access to taking part in campaigns, sales and promotion as well as receiving the coveted VoxBoxes that influenster has become famous for. A VoxBox is a themed box of items that give users a chance to try products first hand than give your opinions on the products via the website. Here is a little overview of the member perks.

1. Reviews - Discover, learn and share honest opinions about retailers, services and products.

2. Social Impact - Measure's a users overall social media impact and allow's users with higher scores to get access to more products.

3. Snaps - Quick questions that use answers to line user's up with VoxBoxes and perks that fit their tastes.

4. Badges - Earn badges that showcase your interests and expertise.

5. VoxPerks - Redeem offers exclusive to users that include discounts on products and services.

I have been a user on Influenster since it became back in 2010, and am still interested in using the site frequently. They offer a platform different from any other word-of-mouth website and offers so many useful features for those of use that love to be informed on products and services! It's truly a fun and unique experience and I highly suggest you check them out!