Monday, November 3, 2014

The Intel Experience ONLY at Best Buy

So I want to tell you guys about a great experience I had this week as well as some pretty exciting news, especially if you are a techie like myself. I was recently invited by Best Buy to come in and check out the new Intel Experience. Intel recently conducted a survey, and found that electronics users seem unsatisfied with the information they are able to acquire about new products, frustrated that they aren't able to get an accurate account of how the product really works. With this in mind, Intel has partnered with Best Buy to bring you something pretty amazing.

The Intel Experience is a 240 square ft., exclusive to only 50 Best Buy locations, that feature a host of hands on activities, so that you the user, are able to get a first hand experience with the great products that run on Intel processors. Like I mentioned above, I was invited to come check out the Intel Experience for myself. I honestly was expected the same usual display of a few products with the information blocks under them, but I was blew away by what Best Buy and Intel were able to come together and create. The Intel Experience is something anyone can really enjoy, from new techies to experienced users.

For the first time ever, a company and store are coming together to give you, the user, something you can see, touch and experience on your own. Each location is staffed by a Blue Shirt Best Buy employee, so any questions you have can be answered by an experienced professional. I mean it, I could not stump the guy, even after like 50 questions. The activities are pretty fun too, like one of the displays was called the Mars Rover, where you used tablets to race across the surface of mars; super fun for the kids and adults alike. I was also able to finally become a DJ and mix tracks sang by Neyo. If that wasn't enough, how do 3-D printers sound? Seriously, they have that going on too. 

So as a quick over view, here are all the great things you will find when you visit the Intel Experience!

-Blue Shirt Best Buy Employee for all your questions
-Intel powered Laptops and tablets to check out first hand
-Mars Rover game
-3D Printing experience
-Mix and record audio tracks
-Displays that break down and show you the real Intel processors and how they work.

Best Buy will also regularly rotate products so you are always getting a few experience on the latest and greatest Intel powered products

You can find all the info at

Krysti Marie

*Disclaimer: I was compensated by Best Buy with a product and/or service in return for my honest opinion on their service. All opinions stated are that of my own, and do not represent the opinions of an other said person, party or company. I was not compensated in order to provide a positive review. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.