Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Old Spice Review: #SmellcomeToManhood

As a woman, there has always been a certain stigma attached when it comes to wearing to over doing things. Whether it's cooking to much food for the family dinner, worrying to much about our families or even when it comes to personal maintenance and hygiene. While I agree that some woman can take it over the top, it's time to grill on the men for a little bit. The other day, I was walking around the isles of the grocery store, when I was almost knocked over by an overpowered scent of bad aftershave and my good ol' grandpa. While the isle was obviously deserted, whomever had been there before me made sure every knew it. 

Over spraying is a problem, but luckily for our noses, Old Spice is here to save the day with their new collections of amazing smells! On top of that, Old Spice has made it their mission to spread awareness about toning it down on the cologne & trading it for a better kind of life!

Old Spice is on a mission to inform and educate men on how to properly apply body spray without sending everyone in your path running from you! The new Old Spice Re-fresh Body Sprays contain a P&G proprietary Re-fresh Technology that features a patented cyclic molecule with an empty core that absorbs some fragrance as the Body Spray dries on the skin, leaving any man feeling fresh and smelling great. The more you sweat, the better you will smell. With the new re-fresh collection, one spray will last all day! 

I gifted my boyfriend with an amazing Old Spice kit. At first he was very skeptical, probably because he didn't want to give up his beloved aftershave. I mean, I love him to death, but the first few minutes in the morning I spend on the verge on being sick from the smell. He was really digging his #Smellcometomanhood kit, which included some really fun treats. So after all the excitement, I crossed my fingers he would be into trying a new routine. With the addition of Old Spice's face lotion & hair puddy, man my was able to care for his face, fix his hair, and smell great, in just a few minutes time. His favorite scent was Swagger & trust me, it smells great. 

Whether you are a girlfriend, friend, or even a mom to a frequent oversprayer, it's never to late to introduce your boy to a new & exciting way of live and smell. Are you guilty of overspraying? If so, now is your chance to redeem yourself.

So who is ready to win a kit for themselves? Wait, what?? Did you read that right? Win a #SmellcomeToManhoodKit of your own today! And it's totally simple:

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*Disclosure: This kit was provided to me by Double Duty Divas on behalf of Old Spice. All opinions stated in this review are my own. I was not compensated in order to provide a positive review. For more information, please read my full disclosure policy.