Thursday, February 13, 2014

Best Celeb Gossip on the Web

Being a 23 year old woman, it's only natural to enjoy reading juicy stories about my favorite celebrities. I love to browse the web and search the good gossip, but sometimes its hard to find unique and interesting stories. Lucky for me I was able to stumble over to The Gossip Blog! The Gossip Blog is one of my favorite places to hear the best stories on my favorite celebs. 

I was recently one their site when I was reading a story that was down right jaw dropping. So like I said, I was reading along when I stumbled across a story where celebrities are shedding their clothes and posing in the sheets for an upcoming feature in W magazine. Among stars like Miley Cyrus, Cindy Crawford & Lara Stone, HollyWoods hottest teens Kendall Jenner & Miranda Kerr bare all in an upcoming feature ''Pillow Tweets'' scheduled to be in the newest issue.

You can read the full scoop by clicking here.

Kendall Jenner, W Magazine

Miranda Kerr, W Magazine

Personally, I love the fact that celebs aren't afraid to break boundaries and cross over to a more intimate and controversial side of the editorial world. Magazines have shocked us over the last few decades with scandaly clad celebs and this is just the latest in a line. Articles like these show a riskier side of celebs and often helps them further their careers. Personally its nice to see a story about Kendall instead of the Kardashian sisters, let's face it, way over them already. Just imagine, this is just one of the stories featured on The Gossip Blog!

The Gossip Blog offers a full array of interesting stories ranging from the latest celebrity stories and gossip to fun and interesting news about Hollywood. As a normal, everyday person, it's fun to peer into the world of the rich and famous, as its always way more interesting and shocking, reading along with The Gossip Blog keeps me in the know and its always great to have a few facts for when you told to friends or co workers. Everyone loves to hear about the latest shocking stories and you can be the one with all the best gossip.

I bet you are already curious about all the stories, so click here to head on over to their website. Be ready to take in all the exciting and fun stories they have to offer.