Friday, January 3, 2014

Sheinside Flash Sale!

If you haven't heard by now, Sheinside is the hottest place to get street style trends on the web! This is my number one stop for all my fashion needs. Sheinside offers a wonderful selection of high quality dresses, tops, leggings, outerwear and SO much more! Unlike many other Chinese based companies, the products offered by Sheinside are very high quality and work the prices you pay for them, and the prices are amazing! Don't get caught in the same boring outfits that everyone else has already got from the mall. Stand out with the help from Sheinside.

I have been a long time customer to Sheinside for some time know and I want to give you a personal account of what a great company they really are. A few years ago I got really frustrated with always going to the mall and seeing every store packed with similar varieties of the same exact styles. With little variety to choose from and tired of looking like everyone else that found their wardrobes from the mall, I decided to take to the internet in search of a brand that offered unique and high quality clothing at a great price. At first I tried a few other websites, but was very disappointed in the quality and styles offered on their websites, that's when a blogger friend introduced me to Sheinside. Right away I found my way to their website and was just amazed by the selection of items they offered. I feel in love with almost everything I saw and loved the fact they are constantly offering coupon codes and sales, especially to their loyal customers. I didn't take long and I was on their site daily checking for new items, as they update very often with new styles. 

When my first package arrived I was astounded at the quality of the pieces, they looked exactly as they were pictured on the website and. The pieces I ordered were amazing and nothing like the generic wash up like you usually find at the mall. 

With all that being said, I highly suggest you hop on over there and really check them out, get a feel for their website, read the reviews and shop some great styles!

Right now they are currently offering an awesome flash sale of some of their most popular styles! 

Right now this gorgeous vintage floral dress is on sale for a steal at only $25.97. Made from poly cotton blends this dress is light weight and a great piece for summer, or the start of an upcoming summer wardrobe. White is going to be all the rage this year so be the first to rock the latest trends! If its still chilly in your area, this would be a great piece to pair up with some leggings and a cardigan. Click HERE to be directed to this amazing piece. 

Looking for something unique and interesting, here is another favorite of mine, the gold coin skirt. This is a statement piece if I ever saw one! The unique detailing would be wonderful to pair with an all black outfit and would pop with some gold details! Gold on black is making a huge comeback as are other 80's inspired fashions. Click HERE to score this gem for only $20.72!

Last but not least, this is another favorite, the pleated floral dress. This dress is great for giving shape to your body and really allowing you to show off! The soft cotton blend piece is sure to catch eyes with the beautiful details and bright colors. I actually had the pleasure of ordering this dress a few month ago, and its gorgeous in person. It really shows off my petite frame and gives my body a wonderful shape and form. Steal this bargain by clicking HERE for only $26.89!

These are just a few of the items listed under there flash sale! While you are there visit & shop around the rest of the site for all your fashion needs. With an amazing selections of jewelry, clothing and shoes, you can finally put together full outfits on one website without the hassle of ordering from another site. 

On top of that, Sheinside offers a 15% off coupon code to all new customers! Isn't that amazing? Shop the whole website and receive this discount on your total order!

Click HERE to be directed to the Sheinside flash sale.

Click HERE to be directed to the new user sign up and receive you 15% off coupon!

Sheinside also has a wonderful designer sale going on right now, where various designers have submitted pieces for sale, and only a short number will be made for a limited time. These pieces are so 2014, based off runway inspirations, the sale is a great place to get a new wardrobe start or a great excuse to add a few new pieces to your already existing wardrobe.

If you wouldn't tell by now I am in love with this website, I have never had a problem with any of my packages arriving in a timely matter, this is really a true gem every fashionista should have in her back pocket!

Good day & happy shoppings!