Friday, January 10, 2014

My 30 Over 30 List

A resolution I made this year was to start following through on things I had my mind set on. As like most people, I have my secret hopes and aspirations about places I want to go or things I want to do, all of which would take a little longer than a year to do, so I decided to start a bucket list, if you will, of all the amazing things I wanted to do by the time I turned 30 years old. This summer will bring on my 24th birthday and I am slowly realizing that won't take long to get here since it felt like yesterday since I was a senior in high school. I don't want to be one of those types of people that never fulfilled their dreams, so here is my list:

1. Marry the man I love.
2. Have a third child.
3. Adopt a dog from a shelter.
4. Visit Paris.
5. Launch a clothing line.
6. Write a book.
7. Take a cruise.
8. Win a marathon.
9. Inspire change.
10. Lead a revolution.
11. Travel to St. Petersburg.
12. Hike the Alps.
13. Go to a NY fashion show.
14. Attend a blog conference. 
15. Get a tattoo.
16. Buy a Harley.
17. See my favorite band in concert, HIM.
18. Buy a house.
19. Watch my kids grow.
20. Travel to Peru.
21. Surf in Hawaii.
22. Move to California. 
23. Ride a hot air balloon and not freak out.
24. Hike the Smokey Mountains.
25. See a sunrise.
26. Invent something.
27. Volunteer more.
28. Shop on Rodeo Dr.
29. Start a charity.
30. Get a bike.

As time goes by quicker than any of us like, its nice to reflect our goals and dreams and set ourselves up for happiness. Take life by the hand and lead the way, time is to precious to sit idly. Have a great day!

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