Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Matilda Jane Clothing: A Little Girl's Treasure

If you are a mother, than you know there is no greater treasure in this world than a daughter. In the last few years of motherhood, my daughter has become my best friend. Being the fashion lover I am, she is a great excuse to go shopping, who doesn't love to dress their kids in the cutest stuff out there? Though the malls are stocked with insanely cute stuff, I always find myself wishing for a unique and cute collection of clothing that you just can't find anywhere else. I love to dress my little girl in cute and unique outfits, it just matches her personality and looks super adorable to stand out, especially if you are a two year old. 

My loud and proud Adelyn required the special touch when it came to having a wonderful wardrobe and I was amazed to discover the amazing collections offered by Matilda Jane Clothing. Upon first glance of their online catalog I was blown away but the amazing and creative pieces they had to offer. MJC was started in 2005 by Denise DeMarchis, an interior designer who used her design skills and soulful approach to develop a completely unpredictable clothing company that would embrace what it was really like to be a child. Matilda Jane Clothing. When you wear certain pieces of clothing, they can evoke an arrange of emotions and feelings, when you wear Matilda Jane it brings out the whimsical, the playful and the fun side of any little girl. 

Matilda Jane is sold exclusively threw a system of what they refer to as Truck Keepers. Trunk keepers are hand selected consultants who host parties where you can shop their on hand selection of clothing or place orders from the catalog. You can view the collections online or in paperback, and trust me there is a lovely selection to choose from. You can be sure to find a Trunk Keeper in your area and get your Matilda Jane Collection started today. 

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*Disclaimer: I received the outfit above in order to facilitate my review. All opinions stated on my own and I was not compensated for a positive review.