Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lady GaGa for Versace: Simply Fabulous!

I mean seriously, how can you get more diverse and inspiring than Lady Gaga. She comes together with Donatella wonderfully on this heaven sent collaboration of two amazing spear heads in the fashion world. Lady Gaga wonderfully embraces the classic Versace look with her barely there make up and beautiful long hair, as well as shining herself, the girl has personality dripping from her pores. I love this fresh and simple look, you can really appreciate each piece in its entirely without getting distracted, great flow.

Wow, I mean that dress! Look. At. That. Dress. The sweet lilac is a nice spin on traditional Versace colors, and Lady Gaga looks fabulous. The sexy cut of the fabric on the midriff is great for a modern touch, this dress literally screams Versace with the emblem smack dab on the front of the dress. Paired with the metalwork that brings the sides of the dress together, its just a perfect combination.

Again, I love it. The purse is gorgeous yet simple, which is a great selling point to anyone looking for a great bag that goes with everything. You can already trust that the quality to be superior to almost anyone else out there. This campaign really came together perfect. I love that Versace is getting edgier, which makes them stand out to other brands, it certainly grabbed my attention. I also love the fact they didn't make her cover her tattoos up, its great to see the sexier side of our favorite celebrities!

Comment below and share some of your thoughts with me! Do you like the newer and edgier side of Versace? Is Lady Gaga a good choice or not? Which look was your favorite?

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