Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Free Date Night Ideas

Welcoming in the holidays and the New Year was very exciting the last few weeks. I've had fun visiting with friends and family, but the recent traveling and excitement has left my wallet a little less, well.. you get the point. With Valentine's Day ever approaching I decided to compile a list of completely FREE but still very exciting date night ideas! With everything becoming more expensive, sometimes its nice to have some quietness when going out with your significant other, so here are a few great ideas on how to enjoy the silence of each others companies without all the worries of spending money!

1. Take a midnight hike. With the cities filling up with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, taking a night to explore the outdoors can be rather refreshing. Don't be afraid to grab your tennis shoes and get your hands a little dirty. Bring a back pack with candles, snacks and wine to set the mood when you reach your destination. Nothing brings you closer than a gorgeous night under the stars, wrapped in the arms of the one you love.

2. Be a kid again. Nothing screams 'I'm a catch' like showing off your inner child. Grab some snacks and head over to the local park or play ground for some old school fun. Showing your carefree side lets the other person know you are comfortable with yourself and you aren't afraid to be seen doing something silly, both will make you more appealing to the other too (:

3. Introduce them to your hobby. Nothing shows you are interested more than introducing your crush to your favorite hobby. It shows you are serious about them because you are sharing part of yourself with them that they know you cherish. Plus its a great bonding experience to pass your knowledge along to someone else. Whether its hockey, painting or rock collecting, don't be afraid to open yourself up and have a great date!

4. Go for a walk. Nothing can be as simple as that, but you can pick a great location to add pzazz to this simple date idea. Mall's work great because there is almost always some sort of entertainment going on, and it's free. Walks are great ways to leave out the expectations and simply enjoy getting to know one another as well as the others company. 

5. Volunteer. Nothing will make your date fall for you faster than showing your caring side, plus another set of hands always helps when doing charity work. Whether you help the elderly, work for a soup kitchen or read to school children, your date will see just how big of a heart your have!

6. Take a bike ride. Nothing will get your blood pumping like a nice bike ride together. Enjoy the outdoors and show your date that you aren't afraid to get out there and do a little work out. 

7. Hang out with friends. This can be a sore spot with some people, but I honestly think its a fun date and a great way to see if your date will vibe well with your friends (if you are in the puppy love stage). There are a ton of possibilities for fun when you have more people around!

Hope these ideas help!