Saturday, January 25, 2014

Finding Your Inner Peace

Like most, life really have a knack at sometimes overloading our plates, leaving one feeling overwhelmed, confused and just plain out stressed. I find it hard to function under such pressure and it starts to break through, revealing itself in bad moods, unhappiness and an overall bad vibe. I am a generally happy person but that doesn't mean I don't have a bad day. Sometimes one has to take a step back and reevaluate the things we have going on. Where can I eliminate stress? How can I get my old self back? 

Have you recently suffered the death of a loved one? Been through a bad break up? Lose a job? Many things come along our path that we have no control over and its hard to move on through some of life's hardships, but that doesn't mean it can't be done. Here are some great tips on letting go of the negative and finding an inner peace that is going to change your outlook on life and make you an overall happy and healthy person!

1. Turn off your brain. A lot of the times, humans have a bad habit of overwhelming ourselves with the thoughts we allow to run through our heads, which often leads to much unwanted stress and even worse, making bad assumptions. Take a minute to just turn off your brain from everything. Turn your thoughts to the POSITIVE things in your life, than make a plan on how to focus more of your time and energy on these things. You will find that, by allowing yourself to collect positive thoughts, you will emerge a happier person.

2. Give thanks. Be thankful for the person you are today. Sit back and reminisce on the good and the bad through your life, and appreciate that it has made you into the person you are today. If you are not happy for who you are, than make plans to change this is a positive way. Rejoice in the knowledge that your work and your purpose on this Earth is yet to be complete, you are needed and you are wanted!

3. Trust your gut. When making decisions its important to trust your instincts, so that after the decision is made you can rest easy knowing you followed your feelings. It can be tough sometimes but I have always found that I am okay with this, even if it ends up turning out a little sour. 

4. Look at the world from a different perspective. Sometimes the way you perceive things isn't always the best. A lot of the times our own views and opinions can overshadow what is right in front of our own eyes. If you are having an argument or a disagreement this can especially be true. Try pulling yourself back and seeing things through the eyes of another. This can help reduce stress in so many ways, because if you close your mind than you are holding yourself back from learning so much. 

5. Meditate. This is a great tool for learning self discipline and emotional self control. Teach yourself to lose yourselves in your thoughts, music and yoga are great tools! Having control over these aspects of your life with allow you to be a more positive and helpful person. You will also learn to deal with life in a more productive way.

6. Everything changes. This is easier to accept when you embed it into your thoughts. Change is apart of life and something we have no control over. Be calm and patient and allow things to evolve organically as they as intended too. Find courage to focus on the outcome and not the problem itself.

7. Simplify your life. Just like we tidy our houses in the Spring, its time to let go of the things you don't need, including friendships that don't benefit you. Don't put to much on your plate at one time and focus on a few goals that mean the most to you. Keep lists short, don't over stress and spend time with loved ones.

8. Smile. Smiles have the power to influence our moods in a more positive and productive way. Turn ''no'' into ''yes'', and everyone around you will notice. Remember you get what your receive so spread the joy.

9. Keep commitments. If you start a project, follow through and see it to its full potential. If matters are weighing you down, deal with the process of letting go and moving on to do more successful things. Keep promises and you will find more trust and strength in your relationships.

10. Love who you are. No one can love you if you cannot learn to love yourself. Focus on the good things and flourish in your hopes and dreams. You will find yourself a much happier person.

11. Live in the present. The past is the past and there is nothing you can do about it. Take what you have left and focus on a better tomorrow. Set dreams and aspirations and learn from your mistakes. Life will pass you by if you are to overwhelmed to move forward.

12. Exercise. Focus on eating right and staying fit. The energy will keep a smile on your face and its a great way to deal with stress in a more beneficial way. The benefits are endless!

I hope these tips can help you focus on the better things. Remember to not overload yourself and deal with things in a focuses and informed manner. Make good choices and focus and being who you are!